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University of New South Wales - BA (English & Politics) - TESOL Cert IV

I have been tutoring Korean and Chinese adult professionals in IELTS exam preparation for several years. Classes include real sample IELTS exam questions (focusing on part 1, part 2, and then part 3), followed by full IELTS sample tests.

I have helped many students to improve their IELTS test score by several grades, and I have also assisted many students to successful job interviews.

My teaching style is conversational and relaxed. It is important that students feel comfortable and at ease, and enjoy taking lessons. I have many repeat students (some for over 6 months) who now refuse to take English lessons with any other tutor.

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About Me

I have a wide and varied background, including eight years in the Royal Australian Air Force (two years as a pilot trainee), fifteen years in business (procurement/buyer, commercial manager, business development) and most recently as an English tutor.

My experience and maturity allows me to understand different requirements and backgrounds, and structure my lessons accordingly.

I love to travel, experience new cultures and places, and photography.

Tutor Experience

I have over 2 years of experience teaching English to adults from Korea, China, Russia, Italy, and Vietnam.

Since September 2017 I have been teaching online, focusing primarily on IELTS exam preparation, job interview preparation, and also general English conversational skills.


Jiseon (Korea) - IELTS - 정말 추천해요. 선생님 너무 좋으세요. 아이엘츠 준비하시는 분들께 너무 강추합니다^^ (I really recommend him, he is very good. I definitely recommend him for students who are preparing for IELTS).

이한샘 (Korea) - IELTS speaking에서 유용하게 쓸 수 있는 어휘 단어들을 많이 가르쳐주세요. 친절하게 설명해주시고 격려도 많이 해주셔서 자신감이 쑥쑥 올라가요. (He teaches a lot of useful vocabulary that I can use in the IELTS speaking test. He explains very kindly, and always encourages me. I have a lot more confidence because of his lessons.)

Rina (Korea) - 아이엘츠 준비하는데 너무 도움됩니다 ^^ The tutor helped me alot to prepare my IELTS test :D Thank you for your teaching and support

SujiPark (Korea) - IELTS - It was really x100000 helful and beneficial lesson. That’s the best lesson that I took on the app of tutoring. He taught me the exact things that I want to learn! I really appreciate him because he prepared the lesson very well and encouraged me to study hard. He also knew what kind of difficulty I had. I would take his lesson again.

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