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I have been teaching math online for 13 years with a few breaks in between.
I have been tutoring atleast 40 hrs of math and stats a week for the past 5 years.
I have upwards of 20000 hrs of math tutoring overall mainly covering Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, the middle East, South East Asia, India and some other parts of Europe.
My tutoring journey started with an American startup named MobyMath. It continued with TutorVista, Chegg tutors and Vedantu.

For the last 5 years, my main area of tutoring has been for the IB(AA, AI both HL and SL alongwith the old version of HL, SL and Studies) and the GCSE and IGCSE(CIE, OCR, AQA, Edexcel), A and AS levels( Stats, Further Stats, Pure math and Further math).

I also teach the math section of the SAT, ACT and GRE and have helped a few students up their scores within a short timeframe.

I would gladly offer a 10-15 min free trial to see if it would be a good fit.

Recent Students: 17 Total Hours: 640 Last Online: 25 Sep 2021
All-time Students: 79 Total Classes: 593 Signed Up: 06 Sep 2019

About Me

I am a tutor of Indian origin, residing in Bangalore, India. I have a very curious mind. My interests lie in politics, astronomy, chess, psychology and history. I am also learning spanish and bachata on the side. Plus, I sing like a rock god :). I have experience teaching a diverse demographic. My present crop of students are from the US, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, the UK, India, The middle east, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Tutor Experience

I firmly believe that an online tutor must also wear the hat of a mentor. I have a lot of patience and ensure that the student understands the concept thoroughly before moving further. I follow a Socratic and Engagement method of teaching.
My greatest skill is in teaching the student any concept in the most logical and the most easily understandable way.
My last 3 yrs of tutoring have been focussed heavily on the IB and IGCSE and the Indian ISC grades.

Achievements include :
a) Helping a student from India secure all India rank 47 in the IMO.
b) Helping many students in the US with their AP courses(AP Calc AB, BC and AP Stat)
c) Helping many students clear the SAT math subject test with a score of above 780.
d) Helping 2 super-achiever students in the US with advanced geometry lessons dealing with AMC, Mathcounts and Kumon worksheets.
e) Helping a student in Dubai secure an admit into the prestigious Dubai College.
f) Helping a student secure a 97% on his Multivariable calc college math exam in one of the semesters.
g) Helping many students in the middle east and India with their CBSE, ICSE math courses.
h) Successfully coaching many people from Europe, the middle east and India and helping them secure A* in their igcse exams.
i) Successfully helping a student in Germany secure a 65% in his IB Diploma Options Calculus paper which was a huge improvement in his grade.
j) Helped a student crack a Nation-wide newspaper sponsored exam. She received a cash prize and an all expenses paid trip to Kellogg University.
k) Helped quite a few students secure a 6 or mid 6.5 range grade in the IB diploma final.

Topic Expertise

I have expertise teaching these curricula :
a) IB(AA and AI HL and SL), IBDP HL, IBDP SL, IB further maths, IB Options Calculus.
b) GCSE(O levels, A and AS levels math and further maths)
c) Common core(American and Canadian)
d) The Australian Curriculum
e) Swiss board
f) Indian boards(CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE)
g) GRE prep

Client Reviews

This class was helpful the teacher cleared a lot of basic concepts that I lacked

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (2019)

great work thanks Aniruth

- Mathematics

brilliantly explain and well organasited one more lesson

- Mathematics

Anirudh started the class asking what I needed help with straight away, and as soon as we pin pointed what topic we needed to do, he prepared some questions for us to go through together. He has great teaching methods and is very patient with me.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (2019)

Good start

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (2019)

Excellent class

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (2019)

Amazing lesson, as usual.

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (2019)

Anirudh is a wonderful maths tutor and has been very responsive during our maths tutoring. Anirudh has been an amazing help and it has been truly a rewarding experience.

- Mathematics

Ani always creates organized adn efficient maths classes.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (2019)

Ani is always cheerful in class and he is an excellent teacher.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (2019)


These are my testimonials from clients : 1) Madhavi Kanigicherla says : "Anirudh is an extremely talented, passionate and capable mathematics tutor who has immensely helped my son. Besides his thorough subject knowledge and problem-solving capabilties, Anirudh has the ability to make any math topic seem interesting and fun, and teaches in a way which makes every topic from basic algebra to advanced calculus understandable and intuitive for my son. His emphasis on intuitive learning has helped my son understand math topics to a much greater extent. Finally, Anirudh is also extremely kind, generous and friendly." 2) Atul Wagh says : "Anirudh Sir has been teaching both my kids for for few years and we are really satisfied with the way he takes the session. Sir is having in depth knowledge of mathematics and also he is master of calculus. Kids feel comfortable learning from Sir and the best part along with excellent teaching, Sir utilizes the session time very efficiently. I highly recommend Anirudh Sir for students wanting to learn mathematics of all levels." 3) Hariprasad Saradka says : "Math problem solving became my daughter's passion only because of him! He helped her think in the right way to frame equations and solve every tricky trigonometry problem correctly! Every other chapter became very easy to solve and she was able to solve the fastest in class until class 10 only because of him." 4) Ornella Fassu says : "Anirudh is a dedicated teacher who has transformed the academic performance of my sibling. He is knowledgeable and actively assures understanding of the material in question. He provides structure and teaches discipline in addition to helping improve his students' grades." 5) Vikram Bhandari says : "Anirudh is a Math guide for my son for the last 2 years since 7th Grade (Wilton, CT, USA). Anirudh is a passionate Match instructor, a great mentor & has made a lot of impact on my son guiding him for Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. I would highly recommend him." 6) Jaisee Purinchu says : "My daughter wanted to get in to NEWMAN Selective Gifted Education Programme (A programme for academically gifted students) and we sought Anirudh’s help for improving her Math skills and in less than 16 months my daughter got selected into the gifted programme. She is now a proud student and has gained more interest and confidence in Maths. A big thanks to Anirudh and we highly recommend him for maths tutoring!!" 7) Rampriya Sridharan says : "Anirudh has been teaching my son for the past few years and I could see a drastic improvement in my son’s performance in Maths. He is a great mentor who adds a lot of positive vibes and is always enthusiastic. His teaching of concepts are exceptionally good. My son always looks forward to his sessions. I would highly recommend him." 8) Digvijay Singh says : "Anirudh is currently teaching my son Siddharth. Siddharth is studying in 8th grade in US Tennessee state at woodland middle school. Anirudh has got excellent Math teaching skills and my son is very comfortable witgh him, he always likes to attend the Math session than for any other subject. My son has shown very good improvement in his last and current academic year. Anirudh also got amazing communication skills which helps foreign students to easily get attracted towards his teaching methods. Anirudh is also very clear and honest on his feedback and we admire his attitude of keeping things clear in terms of schedule and absence on regular basis. He is a great human being and I personally recommend all parents to utilize his teaching methods and skills for the kids. I wish Anirudh all the best for all his future endeavors." 9) Loren W J D'Souza says : "Anirudh is a passionate trainer who gets down to the level of his student with ease. His style is casual yet impactful , reciprocated and respected by the student. Anirudh has been teaching my son for almost a year now and my son has not only improved his grade but has grown to enjoy studying with Anirudh. I would highly recommend Anirudh for his flexible approach yet easy style" 10) Sreenivas Lakkineni says : "Mr Anirudh Subramani has been tutoring my two daughters Sanjana and Sharmishta for the last four years in Mathematics. Anirudh’s tutoring was instrumental in my elder daughter Sanjana getting an A* in A-Level Maths which helped her get admission in the Economics Undergraduate course at the University of Warwick. The University of Warwick B.Sc. Economics course is heavily mathematically oriented and Anirudh helped Sanjana with her university Maths modules as well, thanks to which Sanjana successfully completed the first year of her undergraduate course with over 70% marks which could ultimately lead to a First Class Honours for her. Anirudh has not only helped my younger daughter Sharmishta get 100% marks in ICSE Mathematics but also is now helping her with her A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. We are counting on Anirudh to help Sharmishta with her SAT Mathematics as well as with her Advanced Placement Mathematics." 11) Vinod Kurup says : "Anirudh has been tutoring my son Aaditya since April 2020 in Mathematics for his AS levels. The syllabus in Mathematics covering Algebra, binomial theorem, Calculus was introduced and covered in 3 months. Aaditya enjoys his classes and he his more confident in his approach to the subject. Anirudh provides the concepts in a simple and effective manner. I would recommend Anirudh for his tutoring in Mathematics to any parent looking for a good and effective tutor." 12) Harneet Nibber says : "Anirudh has been teaching my daughter for about a year now. He covered Algebra 1 and 2 concepts. My daughter finds the classes very interactive and fun. Anirudh knows the subject matter well and his ability to speak the language of my daughter is his best quality. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who needs math tutoring at any level." 13) Indu Kaur says : "Anirudh has been teaching Maths to my daughter who is doing her A level, for about last one year. He is an awesome teacher and does have an excellent grip on the subject. My daughter is able to do higher level maths very well due to his guidance. I wish him all the good wishes and highly recommended him if you are looking for a very good Maths teacher. "

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