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Lancaster University - PhD - Communication Systems


I have teaching experiences both in theory and in the lab including computer sciences and digital systems.

Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 27 Last Online: 16 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 6 Total Classes: 14 Signed Up: 21 Aug 2019

About me

I have teaching experiences both in theory and in the lab including computer sciences. I believe that good teaching requires different personal and technical skills, and is a challenging task. I also noticed that the feedback from students are one of the best sources for improving teaching skills. I have had excellent opportunities in teaching courses, tutoring in the labs, advising students and marking undergraduate projects. My teaching philosophy is based on independent thinking and analytical reasoning rather than memorizing. I encourage students to question at every stage and to satisfy their curiosity.

Tutor Experience

Analogue and Digital circuits
-RF Engineering

Topic Expertise

-Analogue Circuits
-RF Engineering
-Electricity Physics

Client Reviews

graham - Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Amin is a fantastic tutor who I would highly recommend, he has been an enormous help to me in my HNC electrical engineering studies Microprocessors module. The classes Amin delivers are clear and precise and easy to follow, Amin is clearly an expert in his field. Thank you Amin.

Anna - Mathematics


Price: $70-80/hr

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-Conducting radio astronomy course, summer school, University of Oxford 2016, 2017, 2018
- Conducting engineering courses, summer school, Oxbridge Program, Oxford 2018
- Conducting Radio Astronomy Course, Tehran, supported by RAS grant, December 2017

-Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) Course, University of Oxford, UK 2017
-SEDA Teaching Certificate, 2018
- Survival Skills for Teaching Workshop, Lancaster, UK 2009

- Successful RF PCB Design, University of Oxford 2018
- Project Management Essentials, University of Oxford, UK 2017
- DSP Implementation (Algorithms to Optimization) course, U. of Oxford , UK 2017
- Practical RF/Microwave Design Course, University of Oxford 2017
- Comprehensive Digital IC Implementation & Signoff, STFC RAL, UK 2016
-Xilinx FPGA workshop (SDSoC), RAL, UK 2016


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