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University of Cambridge - Law and Management Studies - BA

I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2018 with a double-first-class degree in Law and Management Studies. Recently, I completed the LPC with distinction (average of 91%) at the University of Law and I am currently doing an LLM in International Commercial Law at University College London. In 2021, I will be commencing my training contract with a major US law firm in London.

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All-time Students: 23 Total Classes: 144 Signed Up: 26 Jul 2019

About Me

My passion for law developed immediately when I began studying it at university. What fascinates me about it, particularly when learning about case law, is to understand how legal rules are developed by looking at real-life situations and how they should be resolved in a just way. This human aspect of how law mirrors individuals’ lives on a daily basis and society at large is what makes it approachable and lively.

I want to share my passion for the law by helping others to see it not merely as an abstract body of rules but as something that always surrounds us and that can be fun to look at (particularly when we start to wonder whether the law should always be as it is now or whether it could/should be different).

Tutor Experience

I have worked extensively (more than 400 hours of tuition) with undergraduate, GDL and LPC students from various universities and my students have consistently performed above their expectations on exams and given me excellent feedback. Recent results of my students include: a 1st (74%) in Roman Law by an Oxbridge student, a 1st in a Criminal-Law module assessed by way of a moot by an undergraduate-law student in Nottingham, high distinctions (average 85%) in various LPC modules by a BPP student, a 1st in EU law by a GDL student at University of Law.

My focus is on two things: helping students to achieve the highest possible precision in their conceptual understanding (reflected in high-quality notes to revise from); and working with students on analysing legal problems and solving them by drawing on various concepts and employing them creatively.

Topic Expertise

I am qualified to teach a wide range of legal subjects. My particular areas of expertise are Land Law, Tort Law, Equity, European Union Law.

Client Reviews

Working with Andreas is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am a mature student with kids and work. Andreas is very patient and thorough with me. He will drill down until I get it and once I get it, the joy that beams on his face is priceless. Do note that, he has different approaches to teaching and he is open to adjusting to the student. Where you show great signs of knowledge in an area, he will drill down until you are in distinction and where you are struggling he will consistently make you get it. He is indeed a learned man. Thanks, Andreas.

- Law

Andreas is great. Really informative. Adapts teaching to how you learn - really recommend.

- Law

Great, very helpful! Andreas adapts his teaching style to the way you learn and does so well.

- Law

great lesson today Andreas although I was rubbish, I love the approach and probing.

- Law

Andreas is extremely helpful and I am extremely happy that I have found such a supportive tutor that goes in depth and is very expansive.

- Law

Extremely helpful and worth every penny. I would definitely recommend.

- Law

Great class. Got straight to the point. Offered amazing guidance and help

- Law


Andreas was a delightful tutor to have for my land law tutoring sessions. He was very perceptive when it came to my preparation for my land law exam. He approached the sessions in a personable manner which made me feel comfortable to open up about my difficulties with the subject. He would help me reflect on the level of knowledge I had after each session, whether my application to the law was correct, and the amount of work I needed to put towards my preparation. Aside from teaching me what was in the syllabus, he would be happy to answer several questions that was asked out of my curiosity for the subject and which was out of scope. This showcased his high level of knowledge for land law, his ability to be accurate and more importantly, his enthusiasm for the subject. This in turn gave me a better understanding of the subject and made me feel highly confident in his ability to tutor me. Andreas was also very open to receiving feedback if I wanted a session to go a particular way then the sessions we would have. I felt his help was vital to my preparation for the exam and has given me confidence in my ability to understand a difficult area of law. (GDL Student at University of Law)

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2019-2020 - LPC (distinction, 91% average), University of Law (London, Moorgate)

2015-2018 – BA Hons (double first-class), Law and Management Studies, University of Cambridge
2018 – Fr. Nicholas Smith Prize
2017, 2018 – St. Edmund’s College prize


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