MBA Finance CFA Level 3 and FRM Level 2 candidate

A finance thoroughbred with more than 2 years of industry experience in corporate finance and derivatives pricing roles with boutique and bulge bracket firms. Presently working as an analyst with Societe Generale whilst freelancing with Chegg USA as a 100% recommended tutor. Constantly endeavoring to upskill and reskill myself so as to be updated and educated in the incessant world of finance.

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About me

A thorough finance enthusiast with a passion for teaching and an endless desire to learn the different nuances that make up the incessant world of finance. I am currently working as an analyst for a European bank named Societe Generale and am responsible for pricing and validation of complex equity derivatives (in-charge of Europe markets). I aspire to become an investment banker and am continuously seeking greener pastures in life. Teaching is my hobby and it helps me unwind from my hectic day at work although sometimes I love to zone out of everything around me with the help of Dr. Dre's.

Topic Expertise

Financial markets, Equity, Business Valuation, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Derivatives Management, Fixed Income, Quantitative Finance, Risk Management, Introductory Economics, Logical Reasoning

Client Reviews

Valentin - Finance

Aayush is a good teacher, who helped me to solve and understand a very complicated case.

Justin - Finance

A very helpful individual and has given a more understanding on the subject

Justin - Finance

Enhanced learning on the given topic was made really easy and understandable

Justin - Finance

Very Informative and the concepts were made clear


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