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John is an engaging & experienced Economics & Business Studies teacher who has been working internationally as Head of Department for eleven years; following his 2009 qualification as an outstanding UK teacher through Equalitas. Previously, John enjoyed a successful international business career in a FTSE100 company, which helps add credibility and context to his tutoring of Business Studies & Economics.

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About Me

I was born in London and educated at an Oxfordshire Boarding School, where I enjoyed a wide range of extracurricular activities. I am a husband and a father to two sons, one who has a Business Degree, while the other has an MSc in Economics. I am also a Black Belt & UKCC Judo coach, who enjoys playing Chess with my students in school and on

Colleagues consider me empathetic, competent, patient & passionate about teaching. I previously enjoyed a successful career working in sales & marketing for Jaguar Cars in London, as well as roles in Chicago, Cape Town & Tokyo. In 2006 I was appointed MD of an international division of FTSE100 giant Allied Domecq, with marketing responsibility for global brand extension. My career experience helps students to apply their textbook learnings to real life situations - gaining AO2 Application marks.

Tutor Experience

Following a successful business career, I've been fortunate to teach hundreds of wonderful students: Across 4 years in a large UK secondary school, then 3 years as Head of Business & Economics in The Seychelles. Then 2 years as Head of AP Economics in Bermuda and for the last 6 years as Head of Business & Economics in Ibiza. I successfully introduced A ‘level Economics at 2 different International Schools, with many of my students studying both Business & Economics.

Most of my 900 lessons each year are delivered in classrooms, but several months of online class sessions were effected during "lockdown" in 2020 - I´ve also delivered hundreds of one to one online tutor sessions in the last 18 months. My speciality is helping struggling students achieve a good pass grade, by breaking down difficult concepts into manageable chunks. But I have also supported motivated students in achieving A* in Cambridge International A-levels, while my top Y11 GCSE student last year also achieved an A-grade in their AS exam.

So far in 2023 I have tutored students studying for Business & Economics A ‘levels & IGCSE´s, for AP Econ and also for a Master’s degree in business, from Private Schools in the UK and International Schools & Universities right across the globe.

Topic Expertise

I have over ten years’ experience with Cambridge International Business & Economics for both IGCSE and A 'level. Also, several years teaching AP Economics for both Macro & Micro. My bespoke expertise is in explaining Economic concepts to struggling students (especially with English as a second language) for example, topics including: Price Elasticity, Monopoly, Perfect Competition, the PPC, all Supply & Demand scenarios including international trade & tariffs, Taxes, Consumer & Producer Surplus, LRAS, AS & AD, Cost Curves and Foreign Exchange - to name a few.

As for Business Studies, I have taught GCSE, IGCSE, OCR Nationals, UK & international A ‘levels and lectured as a guest speaker for the Enterprise Department at Buckingham University. 25 years previously working for multinational corporations helps to link business theory to business experience. I like to help students understand concepts so as to remember them, rather than learn reams of text off by heart; I will help to bring your textbook to life and motivate you.

Client Reviews

John is helping my daughter so much, as she prepares for her A Level Business Studies exam - highly recommended!

- Business Studies

Another excellent class - can see my daughter's confidence in her ability building

- Business Studies

Great for AP Micro Economics

- Economics

Prof. John is the best teacher in macroeconomics! He helped me to understand quite complex processes and provide me with all the necessary tools for future business analysis. He is well-organized and uses visual materials, he is also a very lovely person. I highly recommend him!

- Economics


I worked with John at Beam Global in his capacity as MD Thomas Lowndes. John instigated some great cross channel initatives that resulted in significant distribution wins across the grocery estate. John is an experienced commercial operator and a very supportive team player. He was recognised at Beam Global for always delivering the numbers. Tony Cleeve.

John is a gifted instructor. Because he has many years experience as both an Economics and Business studies teacher, he knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. Jaykishan Sharma.

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MBA - MSc from Christ Church Canterbury, Kent. UK Qualified Teacher Status - GTP through e-Qualitas as an outstanding teacher.

10 O' levels and 3 A 'levels as well as a UKCC Level 2 coaching qualification.


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