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University of Malaga - Chemical Engineering - PhD, MSc, MEng


Chemical and Phase Equilibria, Reactor Design, Process Simulation, Fluid Mechanics, Physics, Transport Phenomena, Mass and Energy balances, Separation processes

About me

I am a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham who is passionate about learning and teaching. For the time being, I am working on innovation in curriculum delivery through early adoption and promotion of new technology and methods in teaching and learning with the aim of influencing the practice of innovative and inspirational teaching across my Department.
I have been awarded an 'Excellence in teaching' award in recognition of my excellent contribution in teaching in the Faculty of Engineering based on student evaluation, as well as a nomination for the 'University Oscars' in the category of 'Best teacher', so I must be doing something right :)
My approach to teaching is based on the support and coach of individuals to make them achieve their best, through constant practise of the fundamentals behind real chemical engineering problems.

Tutor Experience

I am a chemical engineer who is not only interested in facilitating and smoothing the complex transition between school and university, but in pushing my students to deeply understand how to go about real chemical engineering scenarios through active practise. My willingness to support students' evolution is a priority, and that is why I am also undertaking a postgraduate certificate in higher education and constantly seeking for new learning methods.


Excellent help and makes more effort to provide the support we need than most other lecturers do. Very good lecturer, a lot more animated than others and conveys a clear enthusiasm and understanding of the subject. Very approachable. His enthusiasm and patience to teach has helped me easily understand both modules (Process Simulation 1 and Advanced Transport phenomena). One of the best lecturers I've had so far.

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