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About me

My name is Grace So. I am from Toronto, Canada. I have been teaching Math and ESL from the level of elementary to college level in international, public and private schools for the past 8 years.

I graduated from the University of Toronto, with a Master degree in Science (major in Statistics) , and I also obtained my teacher’s licence (teachable subject: High School Math) in 2010. I believe my patient character, knowledgeable about the subject, and the ability to explain difficult concept with clarity will be very helpful to your understanding.

Tutor Experience

I begin my tutoring career when I was a Math peer tutor in my high school when I was in Grade 10. From then on, I got referrals from classmates, friends and parents. The number of students working with me continues to grow.

My students are from diverse background, ranging from elementary to University level, as well as from no Math background to highly gifted students.

My focus is primarily on enhancing student success. I have successfully helping almost every of my students to improve their grades significantly. One student started off with his grade in the 40’s, after tutoring for one semester, his grade improved to the 70’s. Another special education student I tutored improved her grade from 50’s to 70’s as well. I am proud to receive so many thank you cards from my students to express their gratitude towards me!

Topic Expertise

all levels of Math, IB Math SL.


She is very good teacher from the very beginning she explained properly each aspect of the course. She took quizzes which helps us to prepare more and easily. She was always helpful to every student and replied to email within 24 hours. She gave us feedback regarding homework and assignments and give a suggestion to improve our performance. I am looking forward if she is teaching any higher level course. Thank you! Thanks for update of the midterm marks. And I have to say one thing that you are really helping us a lot by giving time and clarifying the questions regarding project. For me you are too good an instructor! This semester with you really went great. I learnt a lot in this course, and prepared very well for the exam too. I am a bit nervous as well as excited to have a look of my final exam marks. You did a really great job for all of us by proving practice questions. I really appreciate it. I will MISS You and hope to see you around in the further semesters too. If I needed to do any course, I will definitely choose you as an instructor. Thank you so much again for helping all of us. See you around! Keep up the great work, your elementary school knowledge has taught how to teach better than 80% of the profs here in this College.

Price: $45-55/hr

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• Over 8 years full time teaching Mathematics/Statistics experience
• Master of Science, Statistics, University of Toronto
• Bachelor of Education, OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education), Toronto
• BC Ministry of Education Teaching Certificate
• Strong grasp of differentiated instruction with experience in accommodating diverse learning styles and special
needs students
• Certificate of Recognition – for significant contribution and collaborative effort in the development of the
International Baccalaureate DP curriculum, Taipei Kuei School, Taipei, Taiwan
• NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Award: PGSA
• Dr. James A. & Connie P. Dickson Scholarship in the Science and Mathematics
• The Anna and Alex Beverly Memorial Fellowship
• University of Toronto Graduate Scholarship


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