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I give lots of feedback in a kind and patient way.

I have successfully coached over 300 students for the IELTS exam in the last seven years. They have gone on to get PR visas in Australia and Canada or take masters programs in the USA, UK and other countries.

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I am a creative writer and artist in my spare time. I have a special lightbox where I record sand animations of my stories and poems. I have a glass-topped box with a light inside. I draw with sand on the glass, and it creates beautiful pictures which I record on camera. I also do 5-Rhythms dance, which is an expressive dance form for mental well-being and healing.


Kathryn was an excellent tutor. She has got in-depth knowledge of the English language and great tutoring skills. I had only 5 classes with her before the exam date and my IELTS Academic writing score improved by one band. She is generous with her time and takes it personally that you do well at the exam. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone who wants to improve their IELTS score.

"Kathryn was incredibly helpful. She was thorough and honest and really helped me make the most of my post graduate personal statement. It was particularly helpful going through some questions with her so she could really see what I was trying to get across. I would highly recommend her!". Annie, UK

I have been improving my English for IELTS writing and speaking through Kate's lessons. I am more confident than ever before when I write an essay because I know what I need to do to avoid errors. I am taking more lessons from Kate in order to achieve my goal. Tachika, Japan.

Kate is the best teacher I've ever met! Daniel, China.

Kate Nixon has helped me to write my CV, motivation and reference letters for MBA to one of the top universities in the UK. The format of these documents was completely unfamiliar, I couldn’t find the starting point, and my English was still not good enough to impress the admission team. Kate has structured my ideas, emphasized the key aspects and wrote essays eloquently as only a highly educated native speaker and a professional writer could do. Both admission team and I highly appreciated work done by her and as a result, I received a place on the MBA program. Aleksei Savko. IT Professional

Kate is more than a professional English teacher, she is an adviser and a coach who takes personal pride in striving for the success of anyone who approaches her. She was exceptional to me because she helped me gain much needed speaking confidence in just two online, face-to-face lectures. Thanks to the Skype conversations with Katey my IELTS speaking result improved from 6.0 to 7.5. Last but not least, Katey is master of many trades, for whom the pessimistic assumption that learning somehow 'stops' when you leave the university is at odds with the evidence. Isn't she a great example for every learner? Boyco Boychev

Client Reviews

Cristina - IELTS

very good class, We've talked about clauses sentences and effects. On top of that, we answered some questions about common themes to exercise cause and effect. Thank you for always keep us in mind about ed endings pronunciation. We've been improving a lot!

Cristina - IELTS

Great class

Cristina - IELTS

Nice class, solve lots of present perfect questions. We know that we messed up your agenda (sorry!) but maybe the present and past perfect were tenses that we have to use more and more frequently. We had some challenges last week, maybe you can challenge us to tell a short story all in this ou that tense using a few idiomatic expressions. Would be a real challenger for us. Thank you!

Cristina - IELTS

We appreciate her care for our pronunciation mistakes. She does a very personalized class, also she has prepared every lesson specifically to address our weakness. That makes us progress at a fast pace!

Cristina - IELTS

It was a nice class, thank you, Kathryn. The essay correction was good for us, also the tips about prepositions that we ask you. You show us that you are ready to do a quick reply when we have a doubt. Thank you.

Nick - IELTS

I am not very impressed of how the teaching was done. Kathryn was not prepared for the lesson at all, I had to waste time waiting for her to open practice tasks and materials. The whole class was going very slow. I did not learn anything new and we did not practice anything regarding IELTS. That was what I paid for. And on top of that, when I asked her to check my Writing task that I have completed offline, she asked for extra money to asset it, which was ridiculous. After requesting to speak with her about my expectation and her teaching methods, she did not reply and blamed Spires. I wouldn't recommend her as IELTS teacher at all.

Lamia - IELTS

Fabulous coaching as always. Straight tothe point so you know exactly the direction to try and improve.

Lamia - IELTS

She's knowledgeable of the resources related to your writing problems, patient and knows exactly the ways leading to your breakthroughs. Though there are still plenty of needed works ahead of me, I feel really promising.

Lamia - IELTS

Useful and thoughtful advice! Kathryn is professional in terms of analysing your essays, and give constructive methods to improve them. Love her! :D

Paul - IELTS

Great tips. Will book more lessons.


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