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Warwick University - Philosophy & Literature - Master's Degree


English teacher with QTS, a Master’s degree and over 7 years experience teaching
English at home and abroad. A hardworking, well-organised, and friendly English teacher with specific interests in
Philosophy and English literature.

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About me

Hey everyone! My name is Alain and I can help with exam preparation (IELTS, GCSE, OET, CAE), business English and grammar! My classes are fun and interesting and collaborative; let's work together! I will support you with friendly and accessible tuition and you will be able to see clear progress in each class. Above all, I want learning to be engaging and confidence building.

Watch my video for more information about me! I made it myself as I use a green screen and video editing in my current job. If you are interested get in touch for a free class!

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Tutor Experience

I have been teaching for 8 years now in many places around the world, including Japan, germany and Madrid! I have taught at GCSE and A level (AQA and Edexcel), and I am very experienced with EFL exams like IELTS, CAE, and TOEFL. I am a Premium Provider of OET (medical English exam for doctors and nurses) as well. I've great reviews so ask me about them, or check out:!

Topic Expertise

I have taught GCSE and A level for English and Religious Studies (AQA and EdExfel). My strengths are Literature and I love teaching this, especially Shakespeare.

I studied Dostoyevsky and Nietzsche at Warwick University for my MA and I have been published on the later: an essay called 'The Hammer and the Greatest Weight' in Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Before Sunrise (Continuum, 2008)

I am a Premium Provider of OET, which is a medical English exam currently accepted by the GMC and NMC in the UK.

I have 8 years experience teaching it professionally and worked many ex IELTS examiners during my time at International House Madrid and Toin University.


Kimberly Ann Nurse UK "I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to TTM English. Thank you, sir Alain, for helping me prepare for my OET. After trying out other online and local OET courses and still ending up feeling dissatisfied with my result, I purchased TTM English intensive course a week before the actual test, and it was oh so worth it! Sir Alain worked with me very closely, giving me detailed corrections and guiding me step by step in writing a letter including how to analyse the case notes. Even though I only had barely 5 days to prepare, sir Alain believed in me because he could see that I was working really hard. With his help, I made huge progress day after day. When he said that he wanted me to pass the OET, I was really thankful for the encouragement that I did not want to disappoint him! Not every teacher supports their students this much. Two days before the test, he said that I was ready for the exam and that I should not learn anything new and just relax. I did my best in the actual exam. Although I wasn't able to proofread my letter and sign off because I ran out of time, I still got a B grade in writing. It's all thanks to TTM English. :) Their letter structure is the best! While waiting for the results, they allowed me to continue attending their interactive grammar/IELTS/OET classes so that I continue to learn and practice English. What I really like in their course is that they offer both the IELTS and the OET in the package, so I also attended their IELTS classes simultaneously. Sir Paul and sir Alain can also be contacted on Skype if I have questions, and they really answer them! By the way, my OET scores are SWLR (380, 360, 380, 430). If only I had found TTM English sooner, I would not have wasted lots of money on other online and local courses"

EJ Arciaga Surgical Nurse, Philippines "...I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Alain who offered his perpetual support in achieving my goal of passing the English exam. I am so honored to work with Alain in this professional milestone. He is such a great person. Prior to joining this group, I admit that I was having difficulty with my grammar and sentence structuring but my mentor is very accommodating and very patient in teaching me all the details that I have to improve. I will never forget the repeated discussions with him about articles and conditionals! Thank you so much again!..."

Price: $45-55/hr

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BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics, and English Literature

MA Philosophy and Literature(Warwick University)

CELTA (Manchester English Academy)


Weekdays Weekends