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I am a professional full-time tutor and qualified examiner specialising in Philosophy & Religious Studies A levels.

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About me

I have an Undergraduate degree in Philosophy from The University of York and a Masters degree from King's College London, also in Philosophy.

I started tutoring while studying for my Master’s degree just as a part time job but I instantly found it to be incredibly rewarding, so much so that I'm now dedicated to it full time as a career. I've been tutoring for 7 years now and each year I learn and improve.

Passionate: I'm enthusiastic about Philosophy and RS and I do my best to ensure that rubs off as much as possible on my students.

Focus on essay writing: With sufficient time and attention essay writing is quite straight forward, yet not understanding how to do essays can really let students down. The truth is, it's possible to know all of the information in the text book perfectly and yet still fail if essay technique is bad.

Proper feedback: When marking essays, in addition to the smaller mistakes I find the one or two most important things that will get to the next grade, and then give my students the guidance and confidence to do it.

Staying on track: I know how well a student needs to be doing at each point over the A level course to be on track for their target grade and exactly what they need to do if they are not. I don't just turn up and impart some knowledge and hope the student does well, I make sure they are either on track or know what they have to do to be on track.

I have a website with revision notes I have spent quite a bit of time and effort writing which all my students get free access too.

Tutor Experience

Experienced and qualified: I tutor AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR and WJEC exam boards. I also have experience with the Philosophy and theology pre-u. I am a qualified examiner for OCR Religious Studies which gives me special insight into exactly what students need to do to gain marks that many teachers lack. I have tutored both Philosophy & Religious studies A Level for 7 years, around 300 students so far.

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Religious Studies

Price: $55-65/hr

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A level: 3 A's, English Literature, History and Philosophy
University of York, 2009-2012 (Ba in Philosophy. 2-1)
Kings College 2012-2013 (Ma in Philosophy. Merit)


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