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University of Cambridge - Modern and Medieval Languages - BA


There's nothing I love more than sharing my enthusiasm for learning new languages!

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About me

I really enjoy getting involved in student life when I'm not working. I present a show every week on our student radio station, playing my favourite kind of music - 70s and 80s! I also like going to see lots of plays and musicals with my friends at our student theatre. Sometimes I might get involved, usually in a backstage role, but I have played the 'Genie' from Aladdin before. I've even written some lyrics for a musical and played the part of a windmill in a pantomime! The most enjoyable role I had was in a radio comedy, however, because setting up and clearing away was much easier, and I didn't have to memorise any lines!
Apart from that, I love getting stuck in a good book (fantasy, sci-fi and mystery especially), doing quizzes and playing racquet sports, such as tennis, badminton or squash.

Tutor Experience

I have a wealth of experience in tutoring, teaching and working with children. I am the current Access Officer for my Cambridge college, meaning that I receive lots of school visits and help students to understand the Cambridge admissions process, so we can encourage lots of applications from a wide range of people. I have worked with Adventurous Education in Cambridge during their Summer Camps for visiting Chinese students, providing English language lessons, guidance for university entrance and cultural activities. This has helped me to gain cultural awareness and to cater my teaching to different students' needs. I also spent the last year teaching English in Barcelona to secondary school pupils. I was in charge of leading lessons independently, as well as preparing my own curricular material. This helped me to become more proactive and independent in my organisational abilities. As well as this, I have volunteered at a play centre for children with special needs in my home region.

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