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Coming from an international family, I love inspiring in students a passion for foreign languages as well as the culture and history of other nations.

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About me

I am studious but also an extrovert and would enjoy getting to know you as students and individuals. Coming from an international family and multi-cultural background, I get along with people of diverse backgrounds. This is also because I have gained maturity and cultural awareness of French, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian business practices by either interning or studying abroad. I play football, squash and tennis, as well as electric guitar.

Tutor Experience

Through my tutoring experience, I have learned to be a personable teacher and mentor. I have taught English for two months in Rio de Janeiro at a charity school called Solar Meninos de Luz. In London, I have several years worth of experience teaching French, Spanish, Portuguese and English (all as foreign languages). I have prepared students for exams at OCR and Edexcel GCSE, as well as AQA A-Level and Cambridge Pre-U. I aim to make learning fun and interactive, and so I use technology such as graphic tablets as well as word games provided by Memrise.

My Modern Languages course at Oxford University has prepared me for tutoring. Having benefited from weekly face-to-face discussions with tutors, I appreciate the value of personalised tutoring and committing to ambitious exam and university entrance objectives.

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