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University of Oxford - Mathematics - Second-Class Honours Upper Division (2.1) Bachelor of Arts


Passionate about maths and dedicated to helping others learn

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About me

When I am not tutoring I am either playing tennis or golf, skateboarding or planning my next snowboarding trip. I am also developing an app and am in the process of applying for a computer science masters.

Tutor Experience

As well as being passionate about my subject I really enjoy explaining things to people in an engaging way. I feel I am a good communicator as well as being patient and understanding if someone finds something difficult. I also have the attitude that maths is a really fun subject and that even people who struggle with it can learn to enjoy it with the right guidance.

In terms of tutoring experience, although I have no official experience I have informally tutored at degree level 4 - 5 younger students whilst at university. I also feel that the tutorial system at Oxford has given me experience for it as the format involves a lot of explaining and presenting your solutions to your professor and classmates.

Lastly in addition to my degree from Oxford I achieved two grades I in STEP II and STEP III in mathematics whilst at school as well as a distinction at British Mathematical Olympiad. At the time these additional exams really helped me prepare for Oxford entrance so this experience would be very useful in tutoring for Oxbridge entrance as well as teaching maths generally.

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