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I have a strong interest in science and Medicine. At A-level, I studied Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Maths (A*) and French (A*). I have a BA degree from the University of Cambridge (2013-2016) for Preclinical Medicine and Physiology, Development and Neuroscience during which I completed research studying the mechanisms of learning in a part of the brain called the cerebellum.

I have completed four years of my medical degree (including clinical rotations in hospitals) and I am now intercalating for three years in order to pursue a PhD in the Department of Medicine, Cambridge. I am researching how we can apply machine learning techniques for the prediction of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and stroke.

I love to share my knowledge with others, and help them achieve their full potential.

Topic Expertise

IGCSE Edexcel Chemistry and Biology
AQA A-level Biology
Edexcel A-level Mathematics

Client Reviews

Fergus - Chemistry

Elizabeth gave me advice about preparing for medical school applications, covering A level revision techniques and materials, UCAT and BMAT preparation, and choosing and applying to universities. She gave me several really useful ideas that I hadn't considered before, and she was very nice and easy to talk to!

Maggie - Medicine

Everything is clearly explained :)

David - Science

The girls always show exceptional engagement and retention levels after seeing Elizabeth. Excellent

Ally - Biology

Elizabeth helped me with​ congenital heart diseases for a masters level project, very informative​ and has a great teaching style. money well spent. thank you

Ally - Biology

El is great, I​ will be scheduling another call within the hour. She has helped a lot​!

Helen - Chemistry

Another very helpful session. Elizabeth explains things really well and in an easy-to-understand way. Thank you.

Helen - Chemistry

Elizabeth's tutoring sessions are really helping me to get to grips with my chemistry. They are well-planned and informative.


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A-level Qualifications:
Biology A-level (A*)
Chemistry A-level (A*)
Maths A-level (A*)
French A-level (A*)

BA (Hons) Class II, Division 1 Preclinical Medicine and Physiology, Development and Neuroscience - University of Cambridge

Current Position:
MB PhD - University of Cambridge 2013 - 2022


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