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Beijing Language and Culture University​ - Bachelor - Majoring in International Chinese Language Education



1. Certificate for Mandarin Pronunciation issued by State Committee of Language Education

2. Teaching Proficiency Certificate for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language issued by Beijing Language and Culture University

3. Certificate for Completion of the TCIC Professional Training Course issued by Beijing Language and Culture University Language Training Center and Beijing Language and Culture University Press

4. Bachelor degree Certificate in English Literature issued by Beijing Language and Culture University

5. 2020 - Present Majoring in International Chinese Language Education at Beijing Language and Culture University.

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About me

Before my family moved from Shenzhen, China to Czech Republic in November 2017, I had worked as a freelance Chinese teacher since 2016. I am a happy mother of two lovely kids. We have a cute Golden Retriever puppy.

Shenzhen, as called the Silicon Valley in China, is a young and modern city. Due to the dynamic technology and economy development, many foreigners came to Shenzhen to work and live. This gave me opportunities of providing my teaching service to students from different cultural backgrounds. I have had students from US, UK, The Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, Israel, Russia, Tahiti, Gabon, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong...... Besides doing what I enjoy doing, which is teaching, I have obtained new experiences by teaching people from different cultures. I am so lucky to make friends from all over the world. 

I studied English on my own and am learning Czech language now. So, I know your feeling. I encourage you to speak out and make mistakes. I am always willing to help you, by explaining what and why it was wrong  and how to correct it. I will always treat you as a friend and you will find your confidence in my class.  

So, join the trial class for free and let us become friends!

Tutor Experience

2016-2017 Mandarin House and CMandarin, two popular language schools in Shenzhen, China
​2018-Current two well-known Language Schools in the Czech Republic

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I've been looking for a nice tutor for a long time who helps me improve my Chinese skills, I finally found Xueli! Xueli is such a great tutor! I love her style of teaching! - She is very polite and patient to listen to my poor Chinese(haha) and encourages me to speak Chinses more. - She has some experiences to learn other language such as English, so she understands the difficulty of learning new language :) - She is fluent in English, so she can explain everything very clear. - She is well prepared, organized and prompt with time. - She is very flexible, which means that she can cover general Chinese courses as well as my Chinese homework/review for school. - She has a vast amount of knowledge and good materials. Therefore, she tailors her lessons for my needs and goals. I absolutely recommend her to people or students who want to learn Chinese! She is always willing to help you! I am sure that you can learn Chinese with a lot of fun! I will definitely keep studying Chinese with her :) Thank you Xueli! 괜찮은 중국어 튜터를 찾고싶어서 오랫동안 고민했는데, 드디어 찾은 것 같습니다. 제 needs와 목표에 맞춰서 수업을 어떻게 이끌어야 하는 지를 정확하게 아는 tutor입니다. 학교 수업 복습과 중국어 문법 설명을 깔끔하게 잘 해줄 뿐만 아니라, 제 needs에 맞게 수업을 이끌어 주셔서 공부할 맛이 납니다. 항상 시간 칼같이 지켜주시고, 모르는 내용이 있으면 수업시간이 지나도 설명 해 줍니다! 또한 학생인 저보다 준비를 많이 해 오시는거 같아서 늘 감사한 마음입니다. 영어도 잘하시고, 소통도 정말 잘되서 재밌고 편하게 공부하고 있습니다. 저만 알고 싶은 튜터지만, 튜터가 잘 되길 바라면서 후기 남깁니다!! 중국어 배우고 싶으신 분들은 시강 한번 들어보세요! SoYeon Elena

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Pronunciation: crystal clear pronunciation of standard Mandarin. ​

Special Training course: Chinese Teaching at Beijing Language and Culture University

College: Bachelor degree in English Literature from Beijing Language and Culture University​


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