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WLC University UK and Mumbai University - Dual Masters- Post Graduation in Business Economics & Masters in Business Management - PGDBE , MCOM

Experienced IB Business Management Teacher. 6 years of Experience. IB Business Management Examiner- Paper 1 & 2 , Internal Assessments and Extended Essay. Action oriented and help students achieve their grade expectations. Have all the IB resources to teach

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About Me

I am passionate about teaching Business Management as I myself have an entrepreneurial experience of 3 years in the footwear line of business. Born and Bought up in Mumbai have good command over my language and a great experience of business around.
I love to explore new places and try to achieve that at maximum level. I love to cook and explore dishes too,
I love kids and have a good rapport with all my students.

Tutor Experience

I have teaching experience of 6 years in an IB school. I have taught Enterprise subject in IGCSE level and Business Management. I have assisted students in both the subjects to score 7 in Business Management. I am very familiar with Internal Assessments and Extended Essay to help students . Can help students with writing the best answers according to the required command term to score the maximum marks. Along with the expertise I prefer to teach my students in a fun and interesting manner where they learn quickly and is happy at the end too.

Topic Expertise

I have an expertise in Paper 1 and Paper 2 writing answers.

I can teach Finance topics like Final Accounts, Ratios etc with good expertise.

Help with Extended Essay and Internal Assessments as well.

Client Reviews

Ms. Pooja has provided excellent help on my HL Business IA. Her comments have really helped me improve my IA to reach the desired grade.

- Business Management

Very helpful with my IA

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations

Great thank you very much

- Business Management

Helped me out a lot, was very quick with the help got set up to start working on my IA immediately!

- Business Management

we went through topic 3 of business management, Finance and Accounts, which is a very dense topic containing various concepts, tables, and formulas. I learned each concept with Ms. Pooja and we did a lot of practice questions together to ensure that I understand every aspect of the unit.

- Business Management

There was a bad connection throughout the class, and the teacher seemed distracted at times with a child.

- Business Management

The class was really productive. I learned a lot within a short period of time!

- Business Management

Amazing teacher, with a lot of knowledge about the Business IA. Easy to work with!!

- Business Management

Pooja is an extremely thoughtful and caring teacher. She has really helped me have a better understanding of the work.

- Business Management

Pooja is excellent. A very smart person and an excellent teacher. A highly recommend her. She is very clear and to the point. A greta help.

- Business Management


Two months before the final IB business management exams I was very weak in the business management HL course. However, Ms. Pooja guided me through past paper questions and every unit to ensure that I had a good understanding of all the concepts. She helped me with my IA and gave me detailed feedback on what to correct. Ms. Pooja is very knowledgeable about the structure of the exam questions and helped me develop confidence when writing exam answers. With the guidance of Ms. Pooja, I was able to answer all the questions on my final business management HL exam.- Fatema, Batch of 2022

Thank you Pooja, for being an amazing teacher, understanding the ability, strength and weakness and building up the learner accordingly. You are such a big encouragement and help, that I would suggest to anyone who wants to get the best result in IB Business. Once again thanks a lot for all your effort, time and support throughout. Wishing you all the best in your future!!- Immanuel Mother

With Pooja's experience and thorough understanding of the subject, she helped me considerably with rewording, structuring and adding to my IA - I was quite stressed and confused about it before but feel much more confident with her assistance. She's also very friendly and understanding - would highly recommend :)- Merin

Pooja is an excellent and experienced IB teacher. She has helped me understand how to tackle difficult topics/tasks as well as gain a better understanding of the topic. I highly recommend working with Pooja.- Tom

Ronaaz - Ms. Pooja is very kind, patient & helpful. She offered me great guidance while working on the IA, & I felt comfortable with her throughout the entire meeting. She is really knowledgeable & a very clear communicator

With the help of Pooja, I was able to perfectly prepare myself for my IB exams in Business Management HL and I was able to score my wanted result. Before my lessons, I was very insecure and scared about the exam but together with Pooja, we worked very hard and I was able to confidently go into the exam. Not only did Pooja help me to prepare myself for the Paper 1 and 2 but she additionally helped me with my BM IA HL which I was also able to successfully complete. A big thank you to Pooja and I 100% recommend.- Victoria D

"Pooja is a highly recommendable teacher. Although we only spent around two to three weeks together before my final exams, she demonstrated a very distinctive teaching style which I enjoyed a lot. I was able to stretch my understanding with her beyond the textbook knowledge. She was a great help!!"- Shirly

"My journey with Ms Pooja has gone uphill in terms of my understanding of the IB Business and Management syllabus and how I would be best able to achieve the grade I want for my final IB exams. We have been regularly practising with past paper questions and Ms Pooja is very understanding and helpful on how I can best learn the material. I trust her with her ability to help me achieve my wanted grade."- Victoria D.

"Pooja was very helpful when checking my IA. She was very detailed in explaining exactly what I needed to correct or change. Also, she was always very available and was very flexible with the hours, which was helpful. It was noticeable how her priority was for me to have the best IA possible, and if I needed some extra classes, she was willing to schedule them. I am definitely confident that I will receive the grade I was aiming for, which is a 6 or 7."- Pamela

Pooja provided a great deal of insight and help with the EE. Her attention to detail is extremely helpful and has given me a clear direction towards corrections are areas of improvement. Our meeting, which was quickly organized, provided a clear outline of weaknesses and strengths within my EE. Thank you!- Sophia

The teacher is very helpful and explains everything clearly and in the preferable paste of the student. I was able to learn the units that I did in school much quicker and with more understanding. Highly recommended!- Victoria R

One week ago I received feedback for my IA from my school and was concerned about the quality of it. With my deadline being in a weeks time I needed to seek out someone to help me which was willing to spend a lot of time with me to perfect it as much as possible. I ended up on Spires and only 6 minutes after my request for a business tutor was submitted, I received a message from Pooja, in which she confidently stated she can help me with my IA. I accepted the request and organized online and offline lessons and am very happy I did so. Mrs Pooja recognised errors in my IA and in my supporting documents. This meant I somewhat had to start the IA from scratch, a bit uneasy at first with that realization, I reluctantly accepted that a lot of work was necessary. Throughout this entire week Mrs Pooja was quick to give exceptional feedback praising where praise is due but also sometimes telling me that what I wrote was not very good. She is honest with the feedback she gives and immediately follows the feedback up with recommendations as to how to improve the quality of the work. If you are looking for someone to aid you in writing your Business IA I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs Pooja.

"The class went great. The teacher has awareness and experience of teaching, and I could feel it. Pooja helped me to understand marketing more deeply in detail with examples."- Artem

Miss. Pooja is a great tutor that specializes on business and can help you with understanding the subject or scoring maximum points in your assignment. Miss Pooja is familiar with the IB educational program and the criteria that are necessary in order to score maximum points in your IA or EE. She helped me develop my ideas for my Business Internal Assessment and was very patient with me, for which i am very grateful. Overall Miss.Pooja is a great tutor that is definitely worth trying !- Makysm

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