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University of Oxford - Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics - BA


Grammatical expert, proof-reader extraodinaire, and generally lovely person willing to help with any language/creative/applying to uni problems

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About me

I'm a pretty social, fun and smiley person, and particularly enjoy a summer evening spent at the pub with friends. I also like to read, and am very much looking forward to sinking my teeth into a good book when uni finishes for summer.

I'm also a competitive latin and ballroom dancer - I competed for the Oxford University dancesport team for two years, earning a half-blue. It was a lot of hard work and commitment, but it is a fab way to stay fit, a lot of fun, and the sparkly outfits are an added bonus too!!

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching/tutoring (although not originally in an academic capacity) since the age of 14, where I started working as a dance teacher at my dance school, teaching everyone from the under 8's to the 60+. During the past 7 years, I have mastered the art of how to tailor my tutoring style to the needs of the person.

I also have experience tutoring in an informal capacity at GCSE through to University level. I helped tutor by brother through his GCSE's and continue to help him in his final year at college (A Level). I have also assumed the role of resident dissertation/thesis/extended essay proof-reader and English grammar 'coach' for many of my friends during their university careers.

Finally, I have lead many UCAS and university admissions talks and workshops, specialising in the TSA admissions test (and the linguistic aptitude section of the MLAT), and personal statement writing.

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