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I am a highly experienced English (just ask my past 1000+ students!). I also hold a BA hons as well as a Masters degree in English and Literature.

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About me

Outside of the classroom I am also a relationship coach and I am currently building an online business of over 500 followers. I love to learn about people and therefore I love to travel. My latest trip was to South Africa which was one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. I was born and raised in the UK but my family roots are in Mauritius which makes for great holidays! I have one beautiful cat called Eski who is a Russian Blue and I am a total cat lady! I can't cook to save my life, I'm not good at parking a car and I don't know what APR means but I know the English language inside out!

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching English Language and Literature for 14 years as a secondary school teacher. I am able to plan and teach learners of all learning styles, ability and background and I am used to working in a multicultural environment. I am friendly, approachable and I take time to answer all your questions and repeat instructions and information as many as you need so don't be nervous. If you find something tricky I will support you in approaching it your way. I am an avid learner myself and I know what it is like to learn and develop news skills.

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PGCE English & English Literature - Kings College London
MA English Literature - Queen Mary University of London
BA Hons English & Literature - Brunel University
CELTA English As A Second Language - International House London


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