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I am a (funded) PhD student in early modern literature and I really like Shakespeare.

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About me

I spend most of my time working towards my doctorate in the library, at my part-time job at a cinema, and at the theatre. After I graduated with a BA from Cambridge, I spent six months in Paris, and then I worked various odd-jobs at home in Leicester: tutoring, waitressing, working at a café, retail, and volunteering at museums and events. Then I moved to Stratford-on-Avon to do a Master's degree at the Shakespeare Institute (part of the University of Birmingham), while I worked at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust bookshop. I was awarded a distinction for my MA, and am now enrolled on a funded PhD at Oxford Brookes. My PhD focusses on women, the moon, and mental disorder in early modern drama.

During my Master's degree, I was lucky enough to do a lot of theatre, including co-writing and directing my own plays, and stage-managing and acting in various other productions. I'm in the preliminary stages of putting on a show in Oxford with undergraduate students, which will be related to my PhD.

Tutor Experience

I was a tutor in English literature and language GCSE and A-Level for two years after I graduated with my BA from Cambridge. I've also taught English as a foreign language to children in Paris. The best part about tutoring was seeing students improve and getting to congratulate them on their exam results! I'm really keen to share my enthusiasm for Shakespeare and early modern drama, and to have an excuse to read more eclectically again.

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