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About me

I was born in Germany and grew up in Penang, Malaysia. After completing high school (IGCSEs) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at the International School of Penang, I worked at North London Collegiate School Jeju, South Korea for six months as a gap student and tutoring Geography to small groups of students. Following on from this, I completed my undergraduate degree in Environments, majoring in Environmental Geographies, Politics and Cultures at the University of Melbourne in Australia. During this time, I also completed a language summer programme at the University of Hong Kong and taught in rural Thailand during university holidays. After relocating from Australia to the UK, I have taught Geography at several independent colleges in London and St Albans and have also built my tutoring business. I then went on to complete a PGCE in secondary Geography from the University of Cambridge. I am bilingual, speaking English and German fluently. I enjoy exploring new places and cultures and am fascinated by languages. I thoroughly enjoy both Geography and tutoring with a passion. I believe education is the key to positive change in the world and a good quality of life, and individualised private tutoring is some of the best forms of education a student can receive.

Building a strong working relationship and trust between the tutor and student is very important, and being easily approachable is a vital characteristic a tutor should have. Some students may have just lost their inspiration to learn and so it is the tutor's job to motivate and inspire them. An important role for a tutor is to build a students confidence and acting as a mentor to them.

Tutor Experience

- A2 and AS Geography (AQA, Edexcel, CIE, OCR, WJEC)
- GCSE and IGCSE Geography (AQA, Edexcel, CIE, OCR, WJEC) including entrance exam preparation
- 13+ common entrance preparation for Geography
- Primary level Geography
- University level Geography

I have 8 years private tutoring experience, over which I have taught, helped and inspired hundreds of students across thousands of hours of lesson time. I have taught both A-levels and GCSEs as well as younger year groups, including preparation for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. I have experience of teaching the following exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, CIE, OCR and WJEC. Importantly, I am familiar with both the old and new specifications. I have had a very large and diverse range of clients, including SEN students. I have also tutored university students in Geography and have guided them through essay and dissertation submissions and exams.

I am currently a Geography teacher at an independent school in central London, teaching GCSE and A-Levels. I have also taught GCSE and A-Level Geography at several other independent colleges in London and St Albans over the last few years.

I tutored AS and A2 Geography (WJEC board) at a London state high school in preparation for their exams in June 2016.

Finally, I tutored Geography on an international level at North London Collegiate School, Jeju, South Korea and have taught in rural Thailand, among other work experience in various fields on an international level.

Topic Expertise

- A2 and AS Geography (AQA, Edexcel, CIE, OCR, WJEC)
- GCSE and IGCSE Geography (AQA, Edexcel, CIE, OCR, WJEC) including entrance exam preparation
- 13+ common entrance preparation for Geography
- Primary level Geography
- University level Geography

Client Reviews

Kerem - Geography

It was a very nice class, I dint have a clue about my topic when we started, Sebastian explained everything in detail and easy to understand. Now I'm comfortable with the topic

Ismail - Geography

Excellent !

Mark - Geography

Really good lesson. Thank you.

Leela - Geography

Very good class despite technical issues at the beginning.

Anna - Geography

Really helpful and meticulous. Went over each sentence one by one and found lots of mistakes I would have noticed.


“My son has been having lessons with Sebastian for about 6 months now. His grades have more than doubled since he started tuition with Sebastian and his understanding and confidence have improved considerably during this time. Sebastian is very knowledgable, organises the lessons well and explains things clearly. He always responds promptly to my messages and is very flexible when it comes to arranging lesson times. I would highly recommend him.” - Nana H, mother of GCSE Geography student ​ “I employed Sebastian as a private tutor for my daughter to help with ‘A’ level Geography revision. Sebastian had a calm but systematic approach and helped my daughter to organize her notes and material thoroughly. He talked my daughter through essay questions and through discussion enabled her to reach answers logically, sealing her knowledge. He also provided a very useful list of exam tips. My daughter received an A* in the final exam and secured a place at her first choice university. Sebastian helped her achieve this. I have no hesitation in recommending Sebastian as a private tutor.” - Sally J, mother of A-Level Geography student ​ “My son is preparing for 13+ scholarship exams for schools in London and has found Sebastian's style of teaching very helpful, very encouraging. After the initial assessment of my child's preparation level, Sebastian identified areas where focus is required and has adopted a targeted approach to cover gaps. Many thanks! I see a definite improvement in my child's confidence and preparation level.” - Prerna L, mother of 13+ Geography student ​ “My son had few lessons with Sebastian through Skype to fill up his missing knowledge. It looks quite efficient. Sebastian used some online whiteboard, video, graphs to explain, I guess the kids like that. My son said he understands the knowledge now, building up confidence, and passed his exam with a big progress.” - Mrs Fu, mother of 11+ Geography student ​ “My daughter had an A for Geography. Considering she had a C and D for her previous class exams and was really struggling the A was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for all your help and tuition.” - father of IGCSE Geography student “I just wanted to let you know my son got an A* in his Geography today. He did really well and got his place at Manchester (and his insurance choice Bristol!) Thanks again for your help.” - Joanna, mother of A-Level Geography student “Sebastian helped us keep our nine year old son and seven year old daughter stimulated and challenged during lockdown. He prepared a large variety of online lessons and materials to introduce them to/deepen their knowledge of many different concepts of physical, environmental and human geography. While our kids seem to have been some of his youngest students ever, he pitched his content and style at the right level and kept them engaged throughout. We would certainly book Sebastian for additional lessons, whether for leisure purposes or to help with exam preparation.” - Nathalie, mother of primary school students ​ “Sebastian is a fantastic Geography tutor, with excellent subject knowledge and teaching experience. His approach is professional and goal oriented but in an interesting and fun way. He helped my son prepare for GCSEs this year and we have been very happy with the results. Skype session format works well too. My son is very happy with his Geography GCSE exams.” - Houman A, father of GCSE Geography student ​ “Our College has hired Sebastian to teach small group classes for A level and GCSE Geography. He has been very amenable and has developed a good rapport with the students. His subject knowledge is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Sebastian.” - Steve P, private GCSE and sixth form college, St Albans ​ “Sebastian has been providing weekly support sessions, utilising Skype, for my son who is 17 for the past three months. My son advises the sessions are very worthwhile and Sebastian's infectious enthusiasm for Geography is matched by his clarity of explanation of it. My son's confidence in and otherwise little appetite for the subject, one of his 3 A Levels, has risen significantly.” - Michael C, father of A-Level Geography student ​ “Complex and puzzling content was so well explained, and all topics were revised in large depth.” - Agnes B, mother of GCSE Geography student ​ “Sebastian is clearly very experienced with excellent subject knowledge and tutoring techniques. He helped my daughter prepare for her final A-level exams and she found his help extremely useful. Sebastian takes a clear and systematic approach and has a strong focus on exam technique. He was always available for questions and answered them speedily. I would not hesitate to recommend Sebastian as a tutor!” - Joelle, S, mother of A-Level Geography student ​ “Sebastian really helped my son with his Geography GCSE. I was rather dubious at first about an online tutor but they connected really well straight away. Sebastian explained concepts clearly and really helped support my son in areas that he was feeling stuck. He is now doing A level geography - so Sebastian was obviously a great help. He was flexible with lessons and I would highly recommend him.” - Judianne, J, mother of GCSE and now A-Level Geography student ​ “My son found Sebastian to be an absolutely excellent help as he prepared for his GCSES. As well as content generally he really zoned in on exam technique. I would highly recommend him.” - Bronagh, G, mother of GCSE Geography student ​ “Sebastian has been a positive support for my son's Geography A2, providing very useful revision notes and feedback on practice essays and questions. He tutors him on Skype which works well and is time efficient and we would certainly recommend Sebastian” - Lulie H, mother of A-Level Geography student ​ “Sebastian has been an excellent tutor for my Daughter providing geography tuition for school entrance exams and her IGCE. He has provided great study materials and delivered the lessons in an interesting format. My Daughter has really enjoyed the sessions” - Catherine, W, mother of IGCSE Geography student ​ “He has an excellent skill for GCSE exam and flexible arranging schedule.” - Saori I, mother of GCSE Geography student ​ “Sebastian worked for four months on both a one-to-one level and group level, teaching A level geography in a school setting. Very adaptable to varying hours. Feedback from both students and staff - outstanding. Strong academic background coupled with years of tutoring experience - highly recommend without reservation.” - James M, tutoring company founder ​ “I called upon Sebastian a couple of times to help me through an assignment I was having difficulty with. Sebastian was information and clear throughout each session. Even though my assignment wasn't Sebastian's specialty (Geo-Politics and all I only needed help with essay structure) he went above and beyond what was asked and researched my essay title in particular, he then went ahead and made suggestions on what he believed would get me the most marks. I ended up receiving a high mark for the assignment Sebastian helped me with, well above the grade I would usually get without help. I would without any hesitation recommend Sebastian to anyone looking for help or guidance.” - Eamonn C, university Geography student

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