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University of Oxford - Materials Science - MEng


I tutor because I enjoy it, which means my students enjoy their lessons, and that's the first step to learning.

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About me

I am a very easy going guy, when i'm not studying at Oxford you will probably find me somewhere in a mountain range far far away (don't worry i'll still find wifi). Other than that i love reading and sports, but my real passion is science and i spend a lot of my year studying and reading around my subject.

Tutor Experience

I've tutored for about five years now, and have students from a wide range of backgrounds and capabilities, so I am used to catering to whatever your needs are. I actually really love tutoring which i think makes a huge difference. I like the challenge of finding new ways to explain things and seeing the results when students make progress. This translates into fun and enthusiastic lessons, which is vital for learning!

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