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About me

I have a PhD title in Computer Science, in the field of Reconfigurable computing systems (since 2004). Now I am a Professor in a Technical University. Having studied in a French school for a few years, I am also fluent in French and can teach all the materials also in French.

I teach Logic Design since 1996, but also Digital Systems Design, VHDL language, Assembly language programming (x86), and FPGA-based Design.

As I have co-authored many scientific papers, I can also help translating scientific documentations or writing academic research papers. I am also a certified literature translator, with ~30 books published at various publishing houses.

Tutor Experience

I teach Logic Design and Digital Systems Design at a Technical University, since 1996, for undergraduate students. I also taught FPGa-based design for master students. I have also supervised PhD students since 2010. All this in the field of Logic Design, Digital Systems Design, Digital Electronics, VHDL, FPGAs, Reconfigurable systems, Assembly language programming.

Topic Expertise

Logic Design - almost 25 years of expertise
Digital Systems Design - almost 25 years of expertise
FPGA-based Design - almost 20 years of expertise
VHDL - almost 20 years of expertise
Assembly language programming

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