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University of Cape Town & Radboud University - Double Masters - Commercial Law and International & European Law

Law graduate with a Masters in Commercial Law (cum laude) from the University of Cape Town, and a second Masters degree in International and European Law (cum laude) from Radboud University, Netherlands .
Over three years experience tutoring British law subjects as well as International law, European Union law and dissertation and/or legal essay writing.

About me

I am a law graduate with two Masters degrees: Masters in Commercial Law and Masters in International and European Law. I am passionate about education which is why I extended my own studies within the legal field but also why I have spent the past 3 years teaching students of various ages, and have assisted them in reaching their academic goals, however ambitious they may be.

The South African legal system is made up of Roman-Dutch law and British law, thus I am well equipped to assist British law students in whichever legal subjects they require assistance. I have also completed English literature at bachelors level and political science subjects at masters level.

Tutor Experience

I have three years of teaching experience in various legal subjects at Bachelors and Masters level. I have also taught studying techniques and essay writing techniques (with particular focus on legal essay writing) at university level.

Topic Expertise

My expertise is in the teaching of undergraduate law students.
My specialty is in legal essay writing (focusing on essay structure, flow and identifying the content most applicable in answering your question) and problem questions (identifying the applicable law and applying to to the facts in a strong, persuasive manner).
I am also available for content specific tutoring. Subject focuses include contract law, company law, intellectual property law, tort law, law of property as well as public and private international law, EU law and international trade law.


Nicola has tutored me throughout the 2019/2020 academic year, focusing on European Law, Criminal Law, Land Law and Employment Law. Each lesson Nicola has been incredibly enthusiastic and ready to help me with any topic required, whether this is simply going over a topic to help my further understanding or creating a highly detailed and structured essay plan to guide me; any question is never any trouble for her. Nicola is an incredibly reliable tutor, replying to messages no matter the time of day, giving me as much time and help as I need both on and offline and is very flexible when it comes to scheduling a lesson. She is so supportive and strives to encourage me to achieve the best grades possible, no matter what we are working on. Furthermore, since working with Nicola and receiving this high class tuition, my university grade has risen from a 2:2 to a high 2:1 in less than a year. I am thrilled with this progress and thus, cannot thank Nicola enough for her outstanding tuition and support. - Catherine

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Catherine - Law

Great lesson, thank you Nicola!

J - Law

Great class!!

J - Law

great session !!!

carina - Law

the class was very useful and fun

Cristalia - Law

Really helpful and fun! :)

J - Law

Loved my first class

Gurleen - Law

fantastic help as always!

Gurleen - Law

always brilliant!

Gurleen - Law


Gurleen - Law


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