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University of Worcester - Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education) - BA Honours


Welcome to my profile!

I am a qualified teacher of Psychology and Sociology and have experience in teaching A-Level and GCSE.

I am a passionate teacher of the Social Sciences and am proud that my lessons are often championed by my students as being innovative and exciting, with my teaching style following a facilitative process. I often consult exam boards to inform my planning and have marked for exam boards to keep up to date with the specifications required.

I have a natural rapport with people, and many have commented on my positive and cheery nature, this reflects in the ease of creating and maintaining productive relationships with the students and staff of all ages and stations.

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing your learning journey!

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About me

I am a dedicated and hardworking individual, whose commitment to my students come first. I love tutoring and I love having that 'light bulb' moment with my students. I enjoy a good psychological documentary on Netflix and encourage my students to use outside sources like these to help further their passion and knowledge.

I live in Worcestershire with my partner, our little boy and our German Shepherd, spending weekends roaming through the local beauty spots or curled up with a good book.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching for 4 years, and throughout that time, I have aided students in succeeding their expected grades and pushing them towards higher aspirations. As a teacher, I am passionate about providing an equal education for all. My dissertation and my specialism as an undergraduate focused on special and inclusive education, with a specific focus on students from disadvantaged backgrounds and the educational disparities between the social classes. My teaching experiences to date have allowed me to use my academic knowledge and interests in the classroom, and have inspired young people to be as passionate about my subject as I am.

My most recent post as a qualified sixth form teacher has allowed me to teach Psychology and Sociology to KS5 students. I often consult exam boards to inform my planning and have marked for exam boards to keep up to date with the specifications required. Teaching Psychology and Sociology GCSE and A-Level to a range of exam specifications (AQA, OCR and Edexcel) has helped me to develop my planning, delivering engaging lessons to my students.

I have found that regular use of formative assessment, including the incorporation of a range of strategies into my lessons has contributed to the improved results of several of my students this year. Within my all my classes there are a number of students with extra needs and therefore I ensure that I differentiate my planning and resources accordingly. Students under my care receive regular, constructive feedback, making sure students are aware of the next steps to obtain the next level above their target grade.

Topic Expertise

Through my degree, I covered a number of studies that I have taught in the AQA/OCR/Edexcel and Cambridge International qualifications.

As I have taught and marked for several exam boards, this means my knowledge within Psychology and Sociology is well rounded and thorough. Being an examiner has meant that I can further give my students the skills and tools to better succeed in their exams.

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Society for Education and Training - Qualified Teaching and Learning Status - obtained 2019

Birmingham City University - Post Compulsory Education and Training (Social Sciences and Humanities) - obtained 2017

University of Worcester - BA Honours Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education) - obtained 2016


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