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University of Cambridge - Mathematics - Bachelor


Experienced in teaching advanced mathematics, and training students to go to Cambridge/Oxford.

Studied Mathematics at University of Cambridge and Machine Learning at UCL.

I enjoy teaching both university and school level mathematics to students that want to improve.

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About me

I am a recent graduate from Cambridge in Mathematics for my bachelor, and UCL in Machine learning for my masters. I have experience training students for STEP exams, having myself obtained 1,1 in STEP 2 and 3. I am currently doing tutoring full time as well as teaching at university, awaiting my Phd for next year.

I studied in the French school system, obtaining excellent grades in the French baccalaureat. I also self taught mathematics necessary for STEP examinations : that is Core Maths and Further Maths.

I also enjoy doing and teaching problem solving skills.

Tutor Experience

I am currently tutoring two students 4 hours a week, for the STEP examination and have seen great improvement in both their problem solving skills.

I have experience using zoom, and graphics tablets to make the tutoring experience as fluid and seemless as it can be.

I recommend the tutoring sessions be done weekly over a couple of weeks to see improvement!

Topic Expertise

Pure mathematics, problem solving and physics at both school and university levels.

Training students for Oxbridge STEP/MAT.

Machine Learning : supervised learning, unsupervised learning, kernel methods, learning theory.

Price: $45-55/hr

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Bachelor in Mathematics University of Cambridge
Msc in Machine learning UCL


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