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University of Oxford - Theology, Religion and Philosophy - D.Phil/ PhD


I am an enthusiastic and motivating teacher with experience delivering tutorials and lectures to the highest level (to students in Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford).

Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 323 Last Online: 29 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 10 Total Classes: 280 Signed Up: 11 Jun 2019

About me

I have recently completed my D.Phil in Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford where the focus of my research has been on the philosophical problem of free will - how we can ascribe moral responsibility for our actions in a world where events might be causally determined and hence beyond our control. I am always interested in looking for new ways to solve seemingly intractable problems and that's why I decided to look at the free will problem from the perspective of Buddhist Philosophy. Prior to my D.Phil I also completed my BA in Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford and my MA in The History of Philosophy at King's College London.

I am extremely passionate about philosophy and religious studies because I believe that the study of these subjects offers unique insights into human nature, the essence of knowledge and truth, and can inform how we should live our lives ethically. In my tutorials I seek not only enable students to obtain the best possible grades but also to celebrate the true value of philosophy by immersing themselves in the subject and allowing it to shape their view of life.

Tutor Experience

I have experience teaching undergraduate courses in Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford and have also been involved with interviewing candidates applying to study Theology and Religion at Oxford.

The focus of my tutorials is to enable students to develop highly effective reasoning and innovative solutions to philosophical questions, that are grounded in a clear understanding of fundamental philosophical and theological concepts. By working with me students will grow in confidence in their ability to tackle new problems and to read the primary literature.

Topic Expertise

Having interviewed candidates applying to study Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford, I know exactly the type of skills required to succeed. I am happy to tutor motivated and dedicated students working towards either A-Level Philosophy or GCSE Religious Studies and am also happy to tutor those studying for degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies.

My area of specialisation is in non-Western philosophy of religion (Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism) but I also have experience teaching the monotheistic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Client Reviews

Shenaz - Theology And Religious Studies

I was not looking forward to this lesson today. Another reviewer marked my essay and left me with little confidence. However, working with Katie has helped me to see it as a positive outcome by taking on board different input, learning to deal with harsh comments etc. and craft something beautiful. Thank you, Katie.

Shenaz - Theology And Religious Studies

Today I felt very confident and motivated in my writing. I just want to say thank you to "Katie" for the encouragement she gave me when I was underperforming.

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