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Over the last 15 years, Sam has extensively conducted lessons for the GMAT and the GRE. Sam's students have attended almost every top business school in Europe and North America.

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About Me

I am an experienced GMAT instructor who helps students to maximize their performance in both quantitative and verbal sections. I can help students fully-prepare, and specialize in working with students who have exhausted all other preparation methods for the GMAT and are still falling short of their goal.

* Improve your logic, speed, accuracy, and intuition
* Last minute help or a full course of study
* Personalized service focusing on your talents and skills

My Work:

Mentoring is much more than tutoring or coaching. In addition to teaching, our work will focus on optimizing your thoughts and decisions in a timed environment, the critical skill for the GMAT. I will teach you mental shortcuts and show you how to approach problems from multiple angles simultaneously. I will listen to the way you think through problems and show a better way to think through the problems if necessary. Not only will I answer your questions, but I'll also focus on identifying and eliminating your weaknesses.

* Your problem solving accuracy will increase.
* You will answer the hardest questions logically.
* You will master the timing of the CAT.

Many of my students have taken reputed class room courses beforehand and still want to increase their score significantly.

Looking forward to help you achieve your goals.

Tutor Experience

Over the last 15 years, Sam has extensively conducted lessons for the GMAT and the GRE. Sam's students have attended almost every top business school in Europe and North America. His students are greatly benefited by his hands-on experience, customized approach, and his dedication to see his students succeed.

Sam has received instructor training to teach the GMAT and the GRE from one of the most reputed prep course based in New York. He currently works as a tutor for the course to teach students in Toronto (Canada).

Sam enjoys teaching. During his MBA, Sam worked as a teaching assistant and conducted classes for MBA students.

Topic Expertise

GMAT and GRE (General Test) Preparation : All sections.
Suitable for the students starting to prepare, retakers, and executives under time constraints.

MBA Admissions consulting:
School selection to match your goals, resume and essay reviews, advise on recommendation letters.

MBA interview preparation:
Interview planning and mock interviews to facilitate expert feedback.

Client Reviews

Sam offered me one trial lesson at the beginning which was helpful. I then, decided to go with him on a paid basis. He starts from the basics which aids in building one’s foundational knowledge. He explains concepts fairly clearly. During the lesson, he shares a number of tips and tricks, which you may otherwise not know about, to answering certain exam questions. He has many years of experience of tutoring. He also gives useful advice on revision techniques. At the end of every lesson, he shares additional questions which are good for extra practice. Sam is always willing to take questions. In fact, before every lesson, I send in my questions from both the homework he had assigned and my own revision and, you can tell that he has prepared beforehand to address them. He patiently clarifies any doubts along the way. I also appreciate that Sam is flexible with his schedule, able to accommodate to my timing and punctual. It is also an advantage that Sam tutors a variety of subjects so that you need not seek out multiple tutors i.e. I attend Sam’s lessons for all the different sections of gmat (e.g. verbal, quant). Despite this, his rates are reasonably priced compared to others.



For the GMAT: Prior to starting with Sam, I scored a 700 followed by a 690. This was after I took the Manhattan Prep course plus 5 hours of private tutoring from the site (that was VERY expensive). Those private sessions were chaotic with no real lesson plan, more of the “come to me with your questions”. The Manhattan prep course wasn’t great either. I had hit a barrier that I just couldn’t overcome. I took one month off and found Sam through a simple internet search. I studied with Sam 3 x per week for three weeks 1.5 hours. Sam gave me new strategies to answer the toughest questions in every category of verbal and quant. In addition, and he provided me with dozens of new questions. I had never scored above 730 on any of the practice tests but after starting with Sam, I had started to score 750+ on each one. In the weeks leading up to test day, I experienced professional, personal, and health stressors that affected my studying. I went into test day not in peak condition. I scored a 730 on the GMAT (the score I originally aimed for). However, Sam & I were both disappointed because I knew I could do better. Thus, I took another 2 week break, studied very lightly (max 1 hour per day) for two weeks using material Sam gave me, and rewrote the exam and scored a 750. My only regret in all my GMAT studying is not finding and studying with Sam earlier. I got the score I wanted and can’t be happy. Thanks Sam!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For the GRE: I had taken a Princeton Review course in 2019 to prepare for the GRE, which did not meet my needs nor enable me to attain my target score. Two years later, I was ready to try again with purpose. I found Sam through a simple Google search and we spoke about my profile and needs. Sam structured the daunting amount of GRE content in order to make it manageable to memorize and understand all the concepts. He also provided me with a customized study plan which helped instrumentally (I have a full-time job), rather than me trying to create and maneuver my own. I also did several practice tests and after each, Sam provided expert feedback suitable to my learning style and introduced strategies to gradually improve my scores on practice tests to reach my target score. He also had useful tips on how to optimally manage test psychology to build endurance. Overall, Sam has a really great way of instilling confidence in you and coaching you through the entire process. He also helped me understand how the test writers write the test which made me feel much more confident going into the exam for my second try. I ended up scoring much higher than before. Sam also provided me with guidance beyond GRE preparation on presenting an effective candidature to Masters programs (i.e., resume preparation, presenting professional details for admission essays, and strategies to optimally network with schools). I highly recommend seeing Sam for standardized testing and school candidature needs!

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