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In my undergraduate mathematics course I specialised in applied mathematics - studying topics such as quantum theory, quantum computing, special relativity, fluid/solid mechanics and biomathematics.

The research comprising my PhD is in the field of mathematics and mathematical modelling, specifically using mathematics to describe the distribution and interaction of drugs injected into the human eye to prevent blindness. Over the 4 years of my research I have published 3 papers in well respected academic journals.


“Laurence is a great Maths tutor - he explains solutions in a very clear and concise way to make them easy to understand and sets a formula to help solve similar problems. We worked through questions until he was certain I 100% understood them and why the solution worked. I saw him leading up to my A levels and would not have done half as well as I did without his help!” Martha - A-Level Maths

“Laurence is a genial teacher who has transformed our 12 year old’s appreciation of Maths. By listening to what’s on his mind, then approaching the highest level work in a simple structured way, he’s made it a thrill not a chore - and top marks too. Very highly recommended.” Father of Thomas - Secondary school entrance exam preparation

“As someone who was self taught A-level maths I looked for a tutor and came across Laurence. Without him I wouldn’t have achieved the incredibly high marks I did in my A-levels let alone attend university to further study in Dentistry. He provided a basic understanding of complex concepts, as well as constant help no matter where I was in the world. He helped me gain confidence in my work and understanding, was very accommodating and friendly and I wouldn’t have achieved my academic position today without him. Thank You!” Beth - A-Level Maths

“Laurence was a brilliant tutor. He could explain everything I needed to know, and was really helpful. He really boosted my confidence in maths and I’d highly recommend him.” Lizzie - GCSE Maths

“Laurence is an excellent tutor. He helped my daughter gain confidence and in her words, 'helped me to understand the concepts behind mathematical principles.’ She benefited enormously from his accessible and supportive approach.” Mother of Lily - GCSE Maths

“Thank you for teaching me. I feel very good about our lessons. With your help, I can figure out most questions independently and I can get inspiration from lessons which improve my mathematical thinking.” Evelyn - A-Level Maths

Client Reviews

Chengbi - Further Mathematics

Excellent Lawrence was very helpful thank you

Jessica - MATLAB

Laurence was very patient and thorough. He went well above and beyond to ensure I received the highest quality lesson possible.

James - Mathematics

Excellent first session, thank you Laurence

Jake Calvert - Mathematics


Phoebe - Mathematics

great lesson was very productive and I learnt loads

Kasia - Mathematics


Kasia - Mathematics


Andreea - Further Mathematics

Useful blitz through hard questions as mock prep - helpful too see Laurence's thought process when approaching obscure Qs

Kasia - Mathematics

Great class, very knowledgable tutor

Somersby - Mathematics

We went through several practice questions in detail and next lesson we will assess the questions i need help on in the textbook!


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PhD in Mathematics, The University of Oxford
MMath Integrated Masters of Mathematics, (2.1,2.1), The University of Oxford


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