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About me

My name is Michael and I am a Mathematician, who was born and raised in West London.

​I hold a First Class honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Aberdeen.

In my 10 years of experience as a tutor, I have developed an expertise in teaching GCSE, A level and IB mathematics, and I focus on giving my students an edge in their exams.

I am a confident and engaging character that is really able to bring out the best in people. love tutoring because it gives me the chance to help so many people and effectively shape their future.

Tutor Experience

10 Years experience tutoring Mathematics at all levels from KS1 to Undergraduate level.

Topic Expertise

As a First Class honours maths graduate from the University of Aberdeen, a Straight-A student with vast experience as a Tutor, I have a high level of subject expertise.

With 95% of my students achieving between A* - B, I have proven skills to boost students confidence and subsequently grades significantly.

For i/GCSEs , I cover all major boards including:
-Cambridge International

For A level maths, I cover all major boards including(Pure and Applied):
-Edexcel International
-Cambridge International

For IB I cover:
Standard Level
Higher Level

I cover statistics at most levels from A -level to Undergraduate level. Some of the modules I can teach are:

-Data representation
-Box plots and skews
-Grouped data
-Histograms and grouped data
-Binomial Distribution
-Normal distribution
-Hypothesis testing
-Correlation and regression

For Undergraduate Level I teach:

Complex Numbers
Advanced Calculus
Abstract algebra (including Group and Galois theory)
Further Analysis



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10 years of experience as a Tutor
First Class honours degree in Mathematics


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