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Mathematician-turned-physicist, specialising in theoretical particle physics. I am passionate about helping you master complex ideas as simply and painlessly as possible!

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Durham University - Mathematical Physics - PhD Particle Physics

Mathematician-turned-physicist, specialising in theoretical particle physics. I am passionate about helping you master complex ideas as simply and painlessly as possible!

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About Me

Hi! I'm James. I studied Maths at Cambridge and have just completed my doctorate in theoretical particle physics at Durham, working on state-of-the-art predictions for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Tutor Experience

I've taught maths and physics to students at all levels, from KS3 to MSc students. Throughout my PhD I was trained and employed as a teaching assistant by the Physics Department at Durham University.

I've also tutored under the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), working in collaboration with schools to help students catch up on learning missed due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

In my lessons I focus on three essential pillars of high performance in maths and physics:
- knowledge of syllabus content;
- applying that knowledge in practice, including exam technique;
- avoiding and detecting mistakes.

In maths especially, teachers often stress memorisation of formulae. Memorisation can be helpful, but can't bypass understanding. Understanding in turn makes remembering what the formulae should be, and checking if you've remembered them correctly, much easier.

Everyone learns differently, and I will adapt my style and pace to keep you moving towards achieving your goals. Lessons are tailored to your level and learning style, and planned to target the areas you want to focus upon.

As exams approach, we will pivot towards exam questions and exam technique, including strategies for clearly setting out your work to pick up as many marks as possible, time allocation, and ways to check for errors.

For students planning to continue to in maths or physics, we can go beyond the syllabus, drawing connections between seemingly-disconnected topics and introducing more advanced ideas and examples, to smooth the transition to university study.

Topic Expertise

My personal areas of expertise are maths, theoretical physics, and programming.

That means that, as a tutor, I can easily adapt to your needs -- offering more advanced stretch material if appropriate, including preparation for university maths and physics admissions tests, or integrating programming assignments (e.g. in Python) into the topics we cover. Alternatively, we can take a step back and look at how topics connect together, explaining things in new ways to help you approach an idea from a different angle.

I am comfortable teaching all GCSE and A-level exam boards, the IB, university admissions tests (STEP/MAT), undergraduate maths and physics, and some postgraduate courses. If you have other bespoke needs and you think I could help, I am always happy to discuss them and see what we can do; do get in touch!

Client Reviews

Brilliant lesson as always

- Maths

Amazing lesson as usual - James has such deep knowledge and able to help me join the concepts together to get a good understanding of things

- Maths

Week organised, good speed through the topics, good understanding of my knowledge

- Programming

Explained everything very clearly and was time efficient.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

I learn 4 times what I learn in school in half the time

- Further Maths

Straight to the point, really nice lesson

- Further Maths

James has helped me through my IB higher Maths and Physics courses, ensuring I gain the fundamental understanding of the varying topics. In lessons James asks questions that enable you to make connections between knowledge and understanding, this I find to be effective as it helped me apply it to questions of different levels of difficulty. My confidence since working with James has significantly improved as he makes sure to tackle any knowledge gaps that would prevent me from gaining marks in my exams. Thanks Sir for your help along my IB journey!

- Physics

Thanks for being enthusiastic about my material and the extra time as well.

- Programming

Excellent service

- Maths

Another great lesson

- Maths

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MA Mathematics (University of Cambridge)
MSc Mathematical Physics (University of Edinburgh)
PhD Particle Physics (Durham University)