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A passionate, dedicated, and specialist maths tutor with over 8 years of experience. I believe any grade is achievable through hard work and with enough time.

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A passionate, dedicated, and specialist maths tutor with over 8 years of experience. I believe any grade is achievable through hard work and with enough time.

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Recent Students: 19Total Hours: 7258Last Online:
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About Me

I believe with enough time and through hard work any grade is achievable. I try to make my lessons engaging and to encourage students to think during lessons. My approach to teaching is to help students answer questions themselves, by giving suggestions, instead of telling them the answer. Based on a student's needs, I try to develop their confidence, problem-solving skills, and exam technique. I first cover the areas the student is finding difficult at school. I then go through past paper questions to identify other areas the student needs to improve on. I teach important exam techniques to help improve a student`s grade. Such as methods for preventing mistakes, improving their timing when answering questions, and things they can do if they are unsure about a question. If you would like to experience a class, feel free to get in touch.

Tutor Experience

I have over 10 years of experience in teaching Maths online, having helped over 100 students. The level of the students I have helped includes KS2, KS3, GCSE, A level, Further Maths A level. I have taught students from the ages of 7 up to 18 as well as adult learners. I am familiar with the GCSE and A level syllabus for the following exam boards: Edexcel, AQA, OCR, OCR MEI, WJEC, and CIE. I am also familiar with the SL and HL IB Maths syllabus. I have experience working with students who are dyslexic or struggling with Maths and also high-achieving students.

Client Reviews

Great class. Solved challenging problems on vectors.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

Very good and productive work on vectors today. I am satisfied.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

got taught well

- Maths

We covered mechanics questions and proof from pure.

- Statistics

Covered past paper questions and stats and mechanics

- Statistics

Really helpful, the content was well explained and the notes are really useful for determining which method to use.

- Maths

Excellent tutor, I would highly recommend him.

- Further Maths

Really patient and relaxed teacher, helped me understand so much in such little time.

- Maths

went through past papers, and he helped where i struggled, geat lesson

- Maths

Had a great first lesson with Romin, he is a great explainer ,very interactive lessons and I grasp onto topics very quickly, for a first lesson it was great.

- Maths


'Hi Romin, I received an A for maths, thank you very much for your help and checking up. Hope you are doing well too.' - Austin, A level student.

'Hi Romin, Thank you. Thank you so much for your help! With your support, I have managed to get an A* in maths and I've managed to get admission in Edinburgh Uni, which was my first choice. Overall my grades were A*A*A with A in EPQ, so thank you so much for all your help.' – Prerna A, level Maths student

'Hi Romin, I hope you've been well and had a great summer. I just wanted to let you know that I achieved an A in Maths on results day!! Honestly thank you so much because I couldn't have done it without you. Your style of teaching and the extra work you set for me to do in my spare time helped my confidence and ability in Maths so much. Anyways, I hope you take care of yourself and try to enjoy the rest of the year.' - Hamza, A level student

'Hi Romin,
Sanjay has got 9 in Maths and high scores in other subjects as well. Thanks for all the support and please continue to help him with his A levels.' - Student's parent

'Hi Romin I just wanted to say thank you because with your help i was able to obtain an A.' - Lenard, A level student

'Hi Romin, I got an A for my A level maths, thank you so much for all your help.' - Marina, A level student

'Hello Romin. I just got my results and I got a 7 , it went really well. Thank you for all your help I am really please with my result' - Alexandra, GCSE student (Improved from a grade 6 to 7)

'Hi Romin, I got a seven in maths which got me onto the A level course, got really good grades in everything else as well.' - Oliver, GCSE student (Improved from a grade 6 to 7)

'I just wanted to let you know that I have got a 7 in maths which I was not expecting at all. So I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the help and support you have given me that has allowed me to reach that grade.' - Monique, GCSE student (Improved from grade 5 to 7)

'I just wanted to send a quick email to say a massive thank you for all of your help with my maths. It honestly helped me so much and made such a difference with my GCSEs. I'm absolutely thrilled to have gotten a 7 in my maths and I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help and tutoring.' - Hannah, GCSE student (Improved from a grade 5 to 7)

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