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Experienced lecturer, teacher and qualified (PGCE, QTS) tutor of Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies, especially OCR Religious Studies and AQA Philosophy A Level. A keen philosopher, avid reader and travel-addicted.

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University of Stockholm - Philosophy - PhD

Experienced lecturer, teacher and qualified (PGCE, QTS) tutor of Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies, especially OCR Religious Studies and AQA Philosophy A Level. A keen philosopher, avid reader and travel-addicted.

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Total Hours: 426
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All-time Students: 52
Total Classes: 553
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Recent Students: 37Total Hours: 426Last Online:
All-time Students: 52Total Classes: 553Signed Up:

About Me

I came to RS/Ethics through being a keen philosopher. I lived for 4 years in Stockholm, Sweden whilst writing my PhD, where I argued that imagination can be a source of knowledge. I still stand by that! Perception can only tell us so much, we need to think through different scenarios to learn about what is possible - when we imagine realistically!

During my PhD I got addicted to travel, ended up meeting my partner in America and so I spend lots of time, when I can, on the beaches in Florida!

I also have gotten myself pretty good at vegan baking through multiple attempts...

Tutor Experience

PhD in Philosophy and Qualified Teacher Status in England and Wales, PGCE in Secondary Education, Religious Studies.

A decade of teaching English as second language especially with teenagers.
several years of coaching students for university entry.

2 years of teaching undergraduate Philosophy: Logic, Metaphysics and Global Ethics at the University of Stockholm and supervising a bachelor's thesis in Philosophy of Mind.

3 years teaching AQA Philosophy A Level
2 years teaching OCR A Level Religious Studies including Developments in Christian Thought.
3 years teaching GCSE Religious Studies: Edexcel IGCSE, WJEC and AQA Christianity/Judaism).
and Year 7, 8 and 9 Philosophy, Religion and Ethics courses.

Topic Expertise

Philosophy including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind and language, logic, philosophy of religion, moral philosophy (normative, meta and applied ethics).
Postgraduate, undergraduate and A level (especially AQA and OCR exam boards).
Religious Studies GCSE and A Level especially Christianity, Islam, ethics, human rights. - Edexcel, AQA, OCR or WJEC
Key Stage 3 Religious Education and Ethics (national curriculum or independent).

Client Reviews

Very efficient and lovely tutor, wish the best!! Xx

- Philosophy

Thank you, Dr. Madeleine, for your kind support despite your busy schedule. I deeply appreciate it!

- Philosophy

Very helpful..

- Philosophy

Madeleine always completely understands my position without extended explanation and offers practical, invaluable guidance.

- Philosophy

brilliant! totally invaluable help with my dissertation.

- Philosophy

It's amazing...

- Philosophy

Super helpful! She was super informative and did a lot of research on my questions. I really enjoyed my meeting with her!

- Philosophy

Excellent class.

- Philosophy

Amazing teacher :)

- Philosophy


Hello just wanted to say thank you so much for your help in philosophy for me in the last 6 months, I feel so confident for my exams and you’re a great tutor! [Year 13 AQA Philosophy A Level student, 2024]

"An excellent tutor who is great at explaining and providing feedback - would not have been able to get the grade I needed without her :)" 5/5 - (Year 13 student, achieved a B in AQA A Level Philosophy, 2023)

Thank you so much for being such a great teacher! I’ve enjoyed philosophy the most out of all my subjects and am so happy I chose it. You’ve been so kind and understanding throughout the year and whenever I was stressed or overwhelmed, you were always so sympathetic and never put too much pressure on me. It has helped me so much through the worse moments this year. I have loved all of our debates and discussions and will greatly miss our lessons next year.
(Year 12 student, Epistemology unit, AQA A level)

I just wanted to say that it is absolutely devastating that you will not be staying to teach us next year. You have truly made learning about epistemology enjoyable and it has now even become one of my favourite subjects. Initially, it was definitely one of the subjects I struggled to understand, however, you have always been willing to provide help and useful guidance, leading it to become one of my strongest subjects. Moreover, I would also like to deeply thank you for assisting me with the essay competition, 25 markers, and just being such a fun teacher.
(Year 12 student, Epistemology unit, AQA A level)

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I have a PhD in Philosophy, a Master (MLitt) from St Andrews in Philosophy (with Distinction), and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy from the University of York and a PGCE in Secondary teaching in Religious Studies.