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Cambridge Graduate with 6+ years tutoring experience across maths and physics. My passion is helping students see and understand the deeper connections within mathematics!

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University of Cambridge - Natural Sciences (Astrophysics) - MSci & BA

Cambridge Graduate with 6+ years tutoring experience across maths and physics. My passion is helping students see and understand the deeper connections within mathematics!

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All-time Students: 8
Total Classes: 63
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Recent Students: 8Total Hours: 62Last Online:
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About Me

I am a graduate of the University of Cambridge, where I was admitted to study Mathematics before switching to the natural sciences, and was awarded first class Bachelors and Masters degrees in Astrophysics. I funded my way through university with tutoring, finding new students exclusively through word of mouth and recommendation.

I was awarded a grant to extend my Master's project into a series of publications, so I am currently continuing my research on dark energy and supernovae, as well as being in the process of interviewing for a number of PhD positions

Tutor Experience

To date I have tutored 13 students one-on-one, as well as more students in a larger weekly group of 8.

I began tutoring in 2018, with a GCSE maths student, and have since primarily tutored Maths and Further Maths A-level, although I have also taught physics, as well as specific tutoring for university entrance/interview exams (STEP, MAT, PAT).

More recently I have been tutoring for the University of Oxford physics department, teaching a weekly group of eight 16-17 year olds in a scheme to bridge the gap between the way mathematics is taught at school and university. This has been aimed at gifted mathematicians hoping to study maths and physics at undergraduate, and mostly involves solving interview-like problems, which I am very comfortable tutoring.

Although I have taught students of all abilities, I believe I work best in bringing B's up to A*'s, and any student with a good handle on the basics of a subject will excel under my tutoring, as we extend those basic ideas further and further.

Topic Expertise

I took, and have mostly taught, the AQA A-level physics specification, and the Pearson Edexcel Maths specification, although I can and have taught other exam boards.

Additionally I exceeded my offer for the Cambridge "Sixth-Term-Examination-Paper" STEP admissions test, and have tutored this and other entrance/pre-interview tests such as the Oxford MAT and PAT.

Finally I have a paper submitted for review with an astronomy journal (MNRAS), and achieved the highest possible grade in all of my coursework during my time at the university of Cambridge, so I can also tutor scientific research/writing skills.

Client Reviews

Toby has been brilliant, for Maths and Further Maths at A'level. He puts in lots of prep and sends additional information and resources. My son has really enjoyed his sessions and quite a few times my son said the penny just dropped!
We will be scheduling a couple more classes yet in the run up to exams but I would recommend Toby.

- Further Maths


"With the tutoring I managed to take my predicted A-Level math grade from a C to an A. It was extremely useful having someone to ask about specific ideas and break down any concept into simpler parts, and I definitely benefitted from working with Toby on my revision skills, and learning how to properly study for the a-level." - A-Level maths and physics student

"Thanks to Toby, our daughter achieved the math grade required for her textiles college. She has always struggled with maths and her school wasn't able to provide the necessary support for her dyslexia. Toby provided her with tailored sessions that built her confidence and skills. Highly recommended." - Parent of a foundation GCSE maths student

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A levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics - A*A*A*
STEP II/III Cambridge Entrance Exam - S,1

BA in Natural Sciences: Astrophysics - 1st class
MSci in Natural Sciences: Astrophysics - 1st class with distinction