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Doctorate Ph.D. (Finance), MBA (Finance), M.Com.(Accounting and Business Statistics), B. Com., PGDFM



I am Professor and Head, Department of Finance. Having experience of teaching Accounting and Finance for last 30 years. Apart from taking offline lessons I also take online lessons on different portals.
My step by step methodology of explaining accounting and finance applications is appreciated by my pupil.

1776 classes

FMS, MDS University, India - Doctorate - Ph.D. (Finance), MBA (Finance), M.Com.(Accounting and Business Statistics), B. Com., PGDFM

I am Professor and Head, Department of Finance. Having experience of teaching Accounting and Finance for last 30 years. Apart from taking offline lessons I also take online lessons on different portals.
My step by step methodology of explaining accounting and finance applications is appreciated by my pupil.

Recent Students: 27
Total Hours: 1922
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All-time Students: 271
Total Classes: 1776
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Recent Students: 27Total Hours: 1922Last Online:
All-time Students: 271Total Classes: 1776Signed Up:

About Me

In addition to teaching/tutoring I enjoy reading and writing subject related books. This has helped me in authoring five books on (a) Financial Accounting, (b) Accounting for Management (both published by Tata McGraw Hill Education, India), (c) Investment Management (d) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (both published by Macmillan India, and (e) Derivatives and Risk Management published by PHI Learning, India.
I have also developed content for online teaching and learning portal like CONNECT - being practiced by teachers and students in USA.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching accounting and finance courses for last THIRTY years. The subjects which I teach are :
(a) Corporate Finance, (b) Financial Accounting, (c) Managerial Accounting, (d) Investment Management,
(e) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, (f) International Finance, (g) Project Finance, and (h) Derivatives.

On Spires portal I have tutored students from University of BATH, University of BRISTOL , Queen Marry University of London, King's Business School, London, BOURNEMOUTH University, ESSEC International Business School, University of Sydney. Apart from this students of ACCA and CFA have also been tutored by me for Accounting and Finance course. All of my students have passed their respective courses with good grades.

I teach in student friendly language and help my students learn calculative finance in step by step manner. This helps them in scoring good grades in their exams and assignments.
Basis my academic and teaching credentials Tata McGraw Hill Education, India has appointed me as subject matter matter expert for Accounting and Finance courses of MBA program.

Topic Expertise

Accounting ,Finance and Economics- I have been teaching accounting and finance to MBA, BBA, CA and CS students for last 27 years. I teach both of theses subjects in an easy to follow student friendly manner. Apart from classroom teaching I am active on online tuition portals as well. I have tutored more than 100 candidates on online tutoring portal like SPIRES.

Client Reviews


- Finance

I learned a lot from the Prof, his explanation was very simple and very clear

- Finance

Dhanesh is a great professor. The way he explains concepts and exercises is very clear.

- Finance

He explained everything clearly. I understood all the conepts he taught in the lesson

- Finance

Dr. Dhaneesh expert in the field and I highly recommend to attend the lesson with him also his classes prices reasonable

- Finance

One of the best professor I had come across

- Finance

I really benefited from the tutors insight in options pricing models and approaches and understood how they work

- Finance

Extremely helpful, tutor explained everything very clearly, and answered all my questions.

- Accounting

Dhanesh explained the concepts clearly allowing me to understand the concepts a lot easier

- Finance

Excellent teaching very friendly

- Dissertations


A student named Mohammed studying in Australia
wrote on 19th November, 2023
"One of the best professor I had come across"

A student Named Sada wrote on 8th November 2023.
Hello Doctor, I want to say thanks a lot for your classes for Derivatives, I passed my exam, I would say that your way of making questions easier for me in a simple great way was extremely helpful for me during my exam. Many many thanks doctor.

From Alexander one of the student wrote on 23rd August, 2023
The exam was alright. I wanted to thank you for your time and for choosing to tutor me. I very much appreciate your help with the topics I had trouble with. I wish you and your family all the best and the best of luck in your teachings.

Finance- 19/11- Angie wrote
Thorough teaching style, makes sure you understand the concept as a whole.

Finance- 20/09- Tatiana Wrote
Prof. Dhanesh is the best teacher I've ever had, he explains material very well and knows the subject. I definitely recommend him.

One of the students named Tridan wrote
I want to say that I passed my exam and it wouldnt have been possible without your help. I received a 9/10 in the long question section.
07-02 21:33
Thank you very much for your help! If I can give you a good review here I would love to do that

One of the students names Riccardo wrote
Hi Dhanesh,
06-02 19:02
Just writing to let you know that I have passed the exam. Many thanks for your time, it really helped me in achieving this.

One of the Students Named Morgan wrote
Thank you Dhanesh for your time and for such a wonderful session!

Student Named Sehra studying AAT Course wrote
Dhanesh is such a superb Tutor. I was literally struggling with Errors and Reconciliations and he literally broke it down to me with the first half hour of the class and I am super confident now to tackle questions. He is very detailed and thorough whilst keeping it to the point. Amazing learning Session. Thank you Dhanesh. Sehra from London, United Kingdom.

One of the students Named Mohammad wrote on 04th September, 2021
"Very clear explanation of lectures. Highly recommended. I received A+ in finance."

A Student Tomas, tutored for CFA on Spires on 18th April, 2021 gave a feedback
Good structured class. Good knowledge!

One of the students Thomas wrote on April 15, 2021
Dhanesh has been great at every session. Very clear and helpful for undergrad tuition. Highly recommended.

Feedback comment by Victoria (one of the students tutored on Spires on December 6, 2020)
If it wasn't for Dhanesh, I wouldn't understand finance at all.

Feedback by Sopie (one of the students tutored on spires) on December 9, 2020
Dhanesh made everything much easier to understand!

Feedback by Victoria (a student on Spires) on December 5, 2020
Dhanesh always knows how to explain something in a way that I will understand it.

On November 30, 2020
Feedback by Eleena ( one of the students)
Explained everything thoroughly so it makes more sense.

Victoria (one of the students ) tutored on November 25, 2020 wrote the feedback
Perfect. Dhanesh explains very clearly!!!

Alexandra (on of the students tutored on Spires) provided the feedback for a Finance Class on November 17, 2020

Dhanesh is a wonderful tutor. He knows his stuff and makes financial arithmetic easy to understand.

On October 31, 2020
Feedback by James ( one of the students tutored on SPIRES)

Dhanesh is extremely knowledgeable and was a brilliant tutor. He was patient and meticulous in ensuring that I understood exactly what he was explaining in full. He was a very thoughtful and clear teacher and I will definitely go back to him again for future lessons. Highly recommended.

From Ana
To Dhanesh on November 17, 2020
Hi Dhanesh
17-11 00:25
I Just got my interim results back, I cleared the module with a merit! I couldn't have done without you. Thank you for your support. Apologies for going quiet, I've been busy at work and with family. Kind regards
17-11 00:25

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I am Ph . D. in finance, MBA with specialization in finance, M.Com. (Accounting and Business Statistics).
Teaching accounting and finance courses of MBA, M. Com., BBA and B. Com. for last 27 years.
I am associated with Tata McGraw Hill Education as subject matter expert for accounting and finance course.
I am also associated with leading publishers for developing contents for online teaching-learning system at par with CONNCECT used in USA.