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Imperial College London - Applied Mathematics - MSc

Unlocking Math and Physics Potential, One Lesson at a Time!

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About Me

I'm a professional mathematics and physics tutor and a graduate of the Imperial College London (MSc in Applied Mathematics).

With an easy-going approach, I firmly believe in the potential of each student to achieve excellence. My teaching style emphasizes worked examples and delving deep into problem-solving by uncovering the core theories. This understanding is crucial for tackling unfamiliar questions effectively.

During lessons, a significant focus is placed on extracting key concepts and principles from completed problems. This practice is instrumental in nurturing a strong instinct for mathematical problem-solving. My aim is to empower students to navigate through challenges and solve questions they might have deemed impossible—witnessing their realization of these accomplishments is the most rewarding aspect of my role!

Outside of teaching I remain a practising mathematician focused on the application of mathematics to theoretical physics. I study statistical physics, in particular phase transitions and critical phenomena.

Tutor Experience

I have extensive experience tutoring mathematics and physics for GCSE, A-Level, and IB. I’m familiar with the requirements of each exam board and can tailor a preparation program to the needs of my individual students. I’m also proficient in teaching most undergraduate mathematics modules, including real and complex analysis, numerical analysis, combinatorics, PDEs/ODEs, variational methods, etc. Additionally, I can teach theoretical physics modules up to and including master’s level, such as, classical dynamics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, etc.

Topic Expertise

A-level: Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics
IB: Physics, Mathematics
GCSE: Physics, Mathematics
Core Modules in Physics and Mathematics degrees such as Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Classical Dynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics

Client Reviews

Mia really enjoyed this lesson

- Physics

Excellent teacher. Great at explaining things simply and clearly.

- Physics

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MSc in Applied Mathematics, Imperial College London
BSc in Physics, King's College London