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Doctor retraining as a barrister, with a postgraduate certificate in medical education and an intercalated degree in philosophy.

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University of Sheffield, King's College London, University of Law - Medicine, PGCert in Medical Education, Law, Philosophy, Bar Practice Course - MA

Doctor retraining as a barrister, with a postgraduate certificate in medical education and an intercalated degree in philosophy.

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About Me

While working as a doctor, explaining complex problems in a simple way to people from all walks of life was a core component of my daily job. Coupled with my formal experience teaching medical students, physician associates, and nurses, I am experienced in helping people understand a range of academic problems and gain practical skills. I love to teach and find it very rewarding to help a student work through a tricky problem.

Having both science and humanities degrees, the diversity of my experience is a great strength. Likewise, I have experience of sitting exams of nearly every different type (SBAs, MCQs, essays, coursework, practical exams), and I have been through countless interviews (for medicine, the Bar course, scholarships, work). This means that not only can I help you learn the material, but I am well placed to help you perform on the day, whether that is in the exam hall or at interview.

Tutor Experience

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education - teaching undergraduate medical students in seminars, lectures, cadaveric dissection, simulation sessions, one-to-one revision sessions.

Educating patients on a daily basis in hospital and general practice.

Topic Expertise

Medicine, law, philosophy, sciences.

Client Reviews

My meeting with Michael was very informative and helpful to furthering my knowledge in the law surrounding medical negligence claims. I had the opportunity to ask questions and receive tailored responses which enabled me to better understand the practical application of the law to fictional but yet, to a certain extend real-life scenarios. Thank you

- Law

Michael is a very supportive, approachable tutor who has assisted me in the final stages of my dissertation. He is attentive and helps me understand how to work on my strengths and my weaknesses. He talks me through all the points and always ensures that I understand everything. His written feedback is detailed, clear and easy to implement in my work. He is a very responsive tutor who will go above and beyond for any student, whether that's actively answering questions by message, easing anxiety about work or just strengthening the elements of an essay. I feel much more confident submitting my dissertation after Michael's proofreading. I recommend him to anyone who may be struggling with their dissertation as he knows the key things to look out for!

- Law

It was serendipitous to have met Michael as I was browsing everywhere to hire just one tutor to help me but couldn't find the right fit. Here’s why I chose him.

1. Attentiveness. Michael has a knack for tuning into my personal learning needs and tailoring his approach accordingly. Coupled with his superb organizational skills, he ensures no important points raised by either you or him will be forgotten/lost, making for a productive lesson.

2. Helpfulness. Michael goes above and beyond to clarify any doubts or questions I had or will have. What’s more is his approachability makes for a fostering environment where I feel comfortable communicating my ideas, whether written or live lesson.

3. Acknowledges both my strengths and weaknesses. Michael provides constructive feedback on areas where I can refine my weaker ideas and provides reasons for why my stronger ideas ought to remain. This balanced approach makes me feel seen, as well as confident in the possibility of self-improvement–a balance I find rare to come across when teaming-up with tutors.

4. Forward-thinking. Michael does not only focus on my immediate needs but also my long-term skill-building and strategies. His proactive approach allows me to better navigate my academic journey.

I had a positive experience with Michael, he gained my trust. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking effective support and guidance.

- Law

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MBChB Medicine
MA Law
BSc Philosophy
Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)