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Experienced and friendly educator with a doctorate in Mathematics from Imperial College London and 8+ years of online and face-to-face teaching experience at schools, universities and privately. Passionate about Mathematics, enthusiastic to share the beauties of the subject as well as instil an in-depth understanding within students.

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Imperial College London & University College London - Mathematics - PhD

Experienced and friendly educator with a doctorate in Mathematics from Imperial College London and 8+ years of online and face-to-face teaching experience at schools, universities and privately. Passionate about Mathematics, enthusiastic to share the beauties of the subject as well as instil an in-depth understanding within students.

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About Me

I am an experienced educator with a doctorate in Mathematics from Imperial College London, currently working as an Associate Lecturer at a higher education institute in the UK. I have always loved mathematics since I was a child; I see solving mathematical problems almost like playing a game, and above all it gives me great satisfaction! Mathematics is a universal language allowing questions to be answered in a non-subjective way, and I believe that this is one of the greatest strengths and beauties of the subject. As well as providing self-satisfaction, the study of mathematics also equips one with a wealth of transferable skills such as logical thinking and analytic skills.

I aim to provide my students with a progressive learning environment by ensuring detailed lesson preparation, structured and clear online delivery of content, constructive feedback and friendly communication.

I ensure that I am prepared for each tuition session in advance by creating a time-plan for the session using relevant resources such as textbooks, worksheets and past exam papers. Aside from these resources, I aim to encourage learning through different learning styles, for example, through the use of online videos, quizzes, and practical puzzles.

I measure progress through a variety of methods as deemed necessary, including regular assignments, questions from past examination papers, quizzes, and most importantly through verbal communication with the students themselves.

During the four years of my undergraduate degree, I received four prizes for outstanding achievements and a Dean’s List award in the final year; I would be very keen to share learning tips and revision techniques based on these achievements with my students in order to help them achieve the best possible results.

Tutor Experience

I am currently an Associate Lecturer at the Open University and teach remotely on the modules M836 Coding Theory (master’s level) and MST125 Essential Mathematics 2 (undergraduate level). My main duties are to provide support regarding the module content through email, video, phone and live tutorials, and electronically mark assignments and examinations with feedback.

I am also an online Mathematics Tutor where I prepare and deliver one-to-one tutorials on request. I have completed over 400 mathematics lessons, tutoring for a range of levels including GCSE, A-Level, and university, as well as university admissions exams, with an average rating of 4.9/5 over 68 reviews.

I have been an Associate Learning Developer in Mathematics at LSBU where my main duties were to deliver face-to-face and online mathematics and statistics support to undergraduate and postgraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines including Engineering, Applied Science and Nursing, through drop-in sessions, workshops, one-to-one sessions, emails and discussion forums.

Prior to this I was a Learning Mentor in Mathematics at The UCL Academy where my main duties were to provide face-to-face support in a one-to-one and small group setting to sixth form students studying Mathematics or Further Mathematics with the Edexcel specifications (2017).

I have also taught on summer programmes with Reach Cambridge where my main duties were to design and deliver an 8-hour introductory undergraduate-level course on Graph Theory to a group of 10 international students aged 13-17, whilst employing a wide range of teaching methods to engage students of different age groups and mathematical abilities.

During my PhD I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant where my main duties were to provide individual support to first and second year undergraduate students in problem-solving classes for pure mathematics modules, as well as to mark coursework and summative examinations for a range of undergraduate pure mathematics modules.

Topic Expertise

Topics and exam boards:
Pre-university - all topics and most exam boards including Edexcel, AQA and OCR.
University - topics based on Algebra and Combinatorics, such as linear algebra, group theory etc.

Client Reviews

Very encouraging and helpful tutor. really ensures you understand the content before moving on

- Maths

Clear and very helpful in getting ready for an exam.

- Maths

very helpful and answered all my questions would definitely recommend having a class with her

- Maths

My son is enjoying his online maths lesson with Atiqa. He is confident now with the topics which he had doubts in the past. I would highly recommend Atiqua. Thanks for your help.

- Further Maths


Atiqa was very helpful and patient when teaching the material and she would take different approaches to help me understand which made learning much easier. Thank you!

22 Jun '23

We cannot recommend Atiqa enough as a tutor for A-Level maths. Her structured approach, combined with a friendly demeanour, has had a remarkable impact on our daughter's academic journey.

Thanks to her expertise and teaching style, our daughter has not only developed a deep understanding of the subject but has also gained an incredible amount of confidence.

From the very beginning of year 13 with weekly sessions, Atiqa established a clear plan and structure for each lesson, ensuring that all key concepts were covered thoroughly. Her methodical approach helped our daughter to build a solid foundation, allowing her to tackle complex problems with ease. The tutor's ability to break down complicated topics into manageable chunks was instrumental in enhancing our daughter's comprehension and problem-solving skills.

Atiqa created a nurturing and non-intimidating environment, where our daughter feels comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification. This positive atmosphere has undoubtedly contributed to her calmness during exams.

Our daughter has now approached her exams with confidence and a sense of preparedness that was previously lacking. The tutor's dedication to instilling self-belief in my daughter has been invaluable, and we're grateful for the positive impact she has had on her academic journey.

We wholeheartedly recommend this tutor to any student seeking a knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring maths tutor at the A-Level level.

19 Jun '23

Atiqa is a very professional tutor. She has been hugely helpful to my son. Her lessons have not only provided clarity in many topics but also provided new methods and techniques, allowing my son to choose what works best for him. Thank you very much!

5 Jun '23

Atiqa, has been an amazing tutor, given where I started. I would highly recommend her as a tutor. Atiqa, is down to earth and helps put you at ease. Sorry to see the end of my time with her. She has taken a subject which may as well be written in another language to me and made it understandable. Wishing you all the best for the future Atiqa.

30 May '23

Atiqa was a great tutor for A level maths, who consistently provided me with detailed and comprehensive explanations. She was very reliable, always on time, and willing to move lessons to suit. She always answered any questions I had, and would investigate further outside of lessons if necessary. I would strongly recommend her for all levels of ability.
Thank you Atiqa.

7 May '23

Great lesson, I stumbled a little, but it is sinking in with repetition . As Atiqa is very patient and is willing to go back over a topic until you grasp it. I highly recommend Atiqa as a tutor.

2 May '23

A great lesson as always. Patience of a saint, Atiqa is always happy to go over it again if I don't understand the concept first time. Atiqa will also give you more than one way of working out the solution, aways handy. I highly recommend Atiqa as a tutor. If you have math anxiety as I did, just try one lesson with her. You won't be disappointed.

7 Mar '23

I find Atiqa to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and supportive. In the beginning, we confirmed my goals and the topics that needed to be covered to reach them. Atiqa then created a lesson plan meeting my needs.

During the lessons, she is very patient, encouraging and well-prepared. I, therefore, find myself not being anxious and being more proactive in lessons instead. She is extremely knowledgeable and she makes topics easy to comprehend.

She gives in-depth lesson feedback breaking down my performance and outlining aspects I need to improve on. At this point, my confidence in maths has increased exponentially and I am confident that it will continue to do so. I am starting to understand maths in a way I never knew was possible for me.

28 Feb '23

Very helpful. Answers all my questions in good detail.

13 Dec ’22

Great tutor! Really helpful and understanding. If you do not understand a topic she will make sure to go over it again. She also makes sure to prepare for the lesson which is really helpful as she then knows how to explain it in class. Would definitely reccommend!!

4 Dec ’22

My son finds Atiqa's lesson's very useful in the lead up to his exams. Understands maths problems very easily now and is able to apply his knowledge a lot more.

12 Jun ’22

Atiqa is a very professional tutor who is patient and approachable. She has helped improved our son's confidence in tackling various GCSE maths questions and talks through the answers thoroughly to ensure his understanding is clear.

2 May ’22

My daughter has found these tutoring sessions with Atiqa very helpful and encouraging. She is reliable and supportive. I definitely recommend these sessions.

23 Mar ’22

Atiqa spoke to my son before booking in lessons to understand his needs. She is very organised and prepared for the lesson. She does good planning which makes smooth sailing.

27 Feb ’22

Atiqa is a wonderful tutor!! I have gained so much self-confidence after our sessions and working with her has motivated me to work to my full potential. Her teaching style is easy to grasp and she always ensures you fully understand the topic. My grades in lessons have rapidly improved! Thank you!

21 Feb ’22

well prepared and helpful

18 Oct ’21

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PhD Mathematics – Imperial College London, 2013 – 2017; MSci Mathematics – University College London, First class with Dean’s List and yearly awards, 2009 – 2013; A-Levels – LaSWAP Sixth Form, London, Mathematics [A], Further Mathematics [A], Art & Design [A], Biology (AS-Level) [A], ICT (AS-Level) [A], Use of Mathematics (AS-Level) [A], 2007 – 2009; GCSEs – Parliament Hill School, London, Mathematics [A*], Science: Double Award [A*A*], Graphic Products [A*], English Literature [A*], English Language [A], Art & Design [A], Drama [A], ICT (Short Course) [A*], Religious Studies (Short Course) [A], 2002 – 2007.