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Social Anthropology and Spanish Post Graduate Certificate of Education



Experienced, qualified language teacher/examiner, and enthusiastic tutor, with happy and successful students.

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Edinburgh - Social Anthropology and Spanish - Post Graduate Certificate of Education

Experienced, qualified language teacher/examiner, and enthusiastic tutor, with happy and successful students.

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All-time Students: 9
Total Classes: 110
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Recent Students: 9Total Hours: 123Last Online:
All-time Students: 9Total Classes: 110Signed Up:

About Me

I love languages, exploring culture and getting to know people in equal proportion. Teaching languages combines all three! I have learnt 4 languages in the classroom, 2 at degree level and have become fluent in Spanish through 15 years living in Spain and South America, tutoring and interpreting along the way. I adore Latin American cinema and Spanish language music, and use a lot of both along with broad cultural knowledge to bring the language-learning experience to life.

Tutor Experience

I am new to Spires, but have been a qualified teacher for 12 years, teaching languages at all levels within secondary school from Common Entrance to A level and IB Higher, working as Head of Spanish at a top independent school and Subject Lead at a 6th form College, covering all exam boards. I have also enjoyed delivering personalised learning in 1 to 1 tutoring, online and in person, helping people of all ages learn to love languages, including adult learners, special needs students and high flyers. By identifying a student's learning profile, we can work to develop strengths and remediate any challenges, using time-tested strategies. As an Edexcel examiner I am adept at teaching exam technique and helping students achieve their best possible grades.

Topic Expertise

My teaching experience has included all UK secondary qualifications from Common Entrance to A level, (GCSE - edexcel/AQA, iGCSE, IB SL and HL and ab initio, AQA A level).
I have assisted students in choosing and preparing for specialist modules across a variety of topics for oral exams, Independent Research Projects, Extended essays, EPQs. A level film/literature teaching has included: Ocho Apellidos Vascos, María Llena Eres de Gracia, Diarios de Motocicleta, El Laberinto del Fauno as well as most of the AQA literature options.
I also have in-depth sociopolitical knowledge of various South American countries.

Client Reviews

lovely and organised teacher, always a pleasure

- Spanish

Wonderful and well structured, great first class. I look forward to working with Jemima in the future.

- Spanish

It was engaging and the exercises were easily accessible & understandable.

- Spanish

Jemima has been super helpful in helping me prepare for my AS Spanish exam. She carefully planned each lesson specifically to what I needed and helped me efficiently go through each topic. I would highly recommend Jemima to anyone looking for a Spanish tutor, as she has helped me build my confidence with speaking significantly.

- Spanish

Amazing (:

- Spanish


Lessons with Jemima are always enjoyable. She quickly responds to any difficulties I have, and each lesson gives a real sense of progress. She has enabled me to stick with my Higher level IB, when I was being pressured to swap it for Standard level. - Giovanni, student

Jemima tutored both my children up to A-level. Thanks to her they achieved outstanding results. She was always very caring and attentive, and adapted her lessons to meet their needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough. - Michela, parent

Jemima is guiding me through GCSE Spanish. She is a kind, encouraging, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable teacher and I'm enjoying my lessons with her. As well as the practical lessons, she has offered me lots of hints and tips about practising Spanish in all its forms between lessons, which really inspires me to learn more - Rosemary, adult learner

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PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) - University of Sussex
Subject Knowledge Enhancement (French) - University of Portsmouth
Social Anthropology and Spanish degree - University of Edinburgh
A levels: Spanish, French, Geography - AAA