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Accelerate Success: Supercharge Your Business Studies A Levels and English for Specific Purposes with a Native PhD Tutor and Published Researcher

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University of London, Birkbeck College - Economics, Politics, Educational Research - PhD

Accelerate Success: Supercharge Your Business Studies A Levels and English for Specific Purposes with a Native PhD Tutor and Published Researcher

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About Me

Embark on a successful journey in Business Studies A Levels and English for Specific Purposes, guided by an approachable tutor. With a proven track record in education, research, and communications, I bring expertise to our sessions.
My academic achievements include a PhD in Educational Research and a Bachelor of Economics, demonstrating in-depth relevant knowledge. As a published researcher, I'm passionate about fostering critical thinking.
What sets me apart is my dedication to creating a supportive learning environment. I believe in collaborative teaching methods that empower students to reach their full potential.
Throughout my career, I've excelled in building strong relationships and effectively communicating complex ideas. In our sessions, I provide tailored guidance that meets your needs.
As a native English speaker, I bring a strong command of the language and expertise in social sciences. Choose me as your tutor, and together we'll unlock your academic potential in a positive learning environment.

Tutor Experience

Throughout my teaching career, I have made contributions to the field of education, leveraging my expertise in teaching Business Studies A Levels, History, and English for Specific Purposes. I have had the privilege of being associated with reputable institutions, delivering impactful modules and achieving remarkable successes. Please see my Linked-In profile for details on recommendations

I have served as a Lecturer-Researcher in the Department of English at a public university in Spain for 13 years . Through innovative teaching strategies (adapted totally to online format during COVID), I fostered collaborative learning and enhanced students' English language skills. My focus on intercultural competence and global citizenship education enriched their academic experience. My published research in indexed academic journals reports on educational interventions that improve learning outcomes.
During my teaching post at Kings' College, British School of Alicante, I successfully taught Business Studies (AS & A Level) to EFL students. I took pride in delivering exceptional results, helping students grasp complex concepts in their second language.
As a tutor, I create a supportive learning environment, encouraging students to explore and excel. I have witnessed notable achievements, such as improved examination performance and increased subject confidence.

My role as Chief Marketing Officer at ArtRatio, and 10 years in a similar role at Dow Jones & CO (based in London) provided me with strong communication skills and the ability to convey complex ideas effectively. This experience, coupled enables me to offer real world experience to my teaching of Business Studies.

In summary, my teaching capacity spans Business Studies IGCSE, A & AS Level, English language and English for Specific Purposes. As an approachable tutor, I am dedicated to guiding students towards their academic goals while fostering a love for learning.

Topic Expertise

I have taught the Cambridge and Edexel syllabus

Business Studies : BTEC GCSE AS/A2 Level
Economic History :BTEC GCSE AS/A2 Level
Economic and Social History :BTEC GCSE AS/A2 Level
English as a foreign Language :GCSE AS/A2 Level
English skills
BTEC: AS Level
International Business: BTEC GCSE AS/A Level

Client Reviews

She is helpful with my Business Cousework and refines my work well to make it concise and better understood. My time is well-spent and I'm looking forward to seeing my grades on results day.

- Business Studies

I'm really thankful for Tania's constant help and enthusiasm during my business studies. She didn't just help me understand the material; she made me interested in it. Her dedication and personal support were key to helping me achieve what I wanted for my work , and I feel lucky to have been able to work with her.

- Business

Tania's teaching style is a breath of fresh air. She effortlessly navigates through intricate business theories, weaving them into an easily digestible narrative that resonates with learners of all levels. Her patience and commitment to ensuring that her students fully grasp each concept reflect her dedication to the success and growth of those she mentors.

If you're looking for a business tutor who can make the seemingly daunting world of business not just understandable but exciting and accessible, Tiana is the one for you. Her unique ability to simplify the complex and her passion for empowering her students make her an invaluable asset in any business education journey.

- Business


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1) Ph.D. in Educational Research (cum laude), 2018
University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain.
2) Master of Science in Politics and Sociology
University of London, London, England.
3) Bachelor of Economics
University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.
4) TESOL diploma (accredited by the London College of Teachers).