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BA (Hons) Education (with QTS) specialising in Geography and Science BA


Geography teacher of 26+ years experience. Happy to help in person or online.

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University of Brighton - BA (Hons) Education (with QTS) specialising in Geography and Science - BA

Geography teacher of 26+ years experience. Happy to help in person or online.

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About Me

I grew up in Brighton and taught in the area for 3 years (97-2000) then moved to Perth Western Australia and taught there for 17 years before returning to the UK in 2018. From 2020-2023 I taught A-level Geography at a local college and was Head of the Geography Department for 2022-23. This year I have been tutoring and running in-person revision courses for GCSE and A level.

Whilst in Australia in 2018 I won an Unsung Hero Award: Teacher category in the Australian Teacher HQ Magazine and in 2016 my Geography class won an award for being in the top 10% of classes in Western Australia.

I love to play tennis and travel. I like to use my travel experiences where I can in my lessons with images and experiences that link to the course. I have been to all 7 continents including Antarctica.

Tutor Experience

3 years UK 97-00 Geography and Humanities
17 years Australia 00-18: Geography and Humanities (History, Law, Politics)
2018-2020: supply work, revision courses with various companies, tutoring
2020-2023: A level Geography at local college
2024: Revision courses, tutoring

I like to use Powerpoint in my lessons, it gives me a structure so I don't leave anything out and lots of visuals which can be really helpful in Geography, so diagrams, charts, maps, photos of places being discussed.
The follow up with past exam questions and can discuss methods for answering them. Happy to mark an essay between lessons to give additional feedback.

Topic Expertise

Geography KS3, KS4, KS5

especially GCSE and A level. Any exam board is fine as long as I have time to prepare.


I am using some other tutoring platforms where some old students have been able to post comments on me: See below. I know I can't prove these are real, but happy to provide you with the original link they came from.

Ryan: Mr Moss is a fantastic teacher and great with people of all ages. I would highly recommend using his services for any tutoring needs. From the smallest advice to more frequent indepth sessions he will be there to support, guide and help you in a professional, friendly and enjoyable way.

Joel was my teacher for some time in Australia. He is very knowledgeable and thorough, while still managing to keep all lessons engaging and exciting. Could not recommend Joel enough.

Liam Peak
I had the pleasure of learning geography with Joel, and it was an absolute revelation! Their expertise in the subject and ability to unravel its complexities made every session enlightening. From deciphering intricate map details to explaining geographical theories, Joel was unparalleled. Their tailored approach and encouraging demeanor fueled my passion for the subject and boosted my confidence. If you're seeking a standout geography tutor, look no further than Joel!

Kelsey Truscello
Without a doubt one of my favourite teachers! I can’t think of any fellow students who’ve have a bad word to say about Mossy. Joel makes lessons fun and interesting, he’s thoroughly passionate about Geography and it shows. 10/10 recommend him if you want to ace Geography and enjoy learning the subject matter. P.S. He’s a top bloke too.

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BA (Hons) Primary Education, with QTS,
University of Brighton 1997