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University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka - Management and Information Technology - B.Sc

I am an experienced ACCA lecturer with over 7 years of lecturing experience. I enjoy helping students achieve their educational goals. I’m also a registered mentor for the Oxford Brooke’s degree.

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About Me

I work as a Senior IT Business Analyst at the London Stock Exchange Group to put bread on my table.

When I do have the time, I like to pass my finance knowledge onto students. Hence, I teach Financial Accounting (F3) and Financial Management (F9) subjects of ACCA online to aspiring students.

Other things about me — If you ask me what gets me out of the bed everyday — I would say, ummm, my alarm!

Jokes aside, I have come to understanding that I’m driven by the sense of achievement. May it be career, may it be life in general, I like to be challenged and I like the sense of achievement that follows.

I’m a curios learner with my interests inclined towards Finance and Technology. But I read anything and everything; Finance, tech, sports, to cooking, to how sea-horses reproduce to Donald Trumps hair care routine. Ask me why? Which leads to my next interest — ‘Story Telling’.

I’m a public speaker, lecturer, mentor and a corporate trainer. In short I like to talk! Hence, I read whatever I get my hands on, so that I have things to speak.

Apart from the above, I’m a sports fanatic. If you want to talk Rugby or Cricket, I surely will not disappoint you!

Tutor Experience

7+ years of experience in lecturing Financial Accounting (F3) and Financial Management (F9) for ACCA
4+ years in mentoring students for the Oxford Brookes, Applied Accounting degree offered for ACCA students

With my experience in lecturing ACCA, I’m able to lecture parallel subjects in CIMA and AAT

Topic Expertise

Financial Accounting (F3)
Financial Management (F9)
Business Mathematics

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