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Chemistry PhD in Experimental Physiology - Athens medical school



Highly experienced teacher for IBDP Biology and Env. Systems and Societies

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Universita degli studi di Padova - Chemistry - PhD in Experimental Physiology - Athens medical school

Highly experienced teacher for IBDP Biology and Env. Systems and Societies

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Total Classes: 39
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Recent Students: 2Total Hours: 36Last Online:
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About Me

I have graduated from Padova University in Italy with a degree in Chemistry just to find out that I enjoy Biology more!
My research thesis was on protein crystallization and crystallography, then I moved on to a PhD on molecular pathways of prostate cancer cells in the department of Experimental Physiology in Athens Medical School, Greece.

Soon after I started teaching Biology and ESS for the IB diploma in an international private school in Athens.

I am fluent in Greek, Italian, French and I pretend to speak Spanish!

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching Biology and ESS for more than ten years in Greek private schools and I have attended several IB DP and MYP workshops. I am creative and dedicated in teaching Biology or ESS and I can help you create a successful IA or extended essay.

Topic Expertise

Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies for the IB diploma.
I can help you understand better.
I can teach effectively in a direct, interesting way.
I can help you improve critical thinking skills.
I can teach you written examinations skills.
I can help you have successful interviews with universities .

I can make you realize that Biology and ESS are fun, interesting and life-changing subjects.

Client Reviews

Excellent feedback and discussion on my IA!

- Biology

He was explaining, in a good and clear way, but still make me feel involved and made sure that my understandingg of anything was clear before he moved onto something else

- Environmental systems and societies

gave great advice for IA, made it seem much easier than before and as a result I am much more confident in completing the IA

- Biology

Did everything I was expecting and more

- Biology

Great class. The pace was perfect - able to quickly fly over all the topics without wasting time on things I already know.

- Environmental systems and societies

Background Checks



10+ years of experience in IB teaching in private schools.

IB Diploma Cat. 2 Subject Specific Seminar: Theory of Knowledge, online workshop, February 2022

IB Diploma Cat. 3 Subject Specific Seminar: Environmental systems and societies workshop Brussels, Belgium, February 2015

MYP category 1 sciences, Implementing the MYP curriculum, Athens, Greece, June 2014