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Travel and Tourism BA Hons

Over 20 years teaching experience in the classroom, plus extensive industry experience. I can provide educational theory combined with real-life industry examples - a great recipe for student success!

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Northumbria - Travel and Tourism - BA Hons

Over 20 years teaching experience in the classroom, plus extensive industry experience. I can provide educational theory combined with real-life industry examples - a great recipe for student success!

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About Me

It's not about me - it's about you, the student.
The student is the most important person and that's the focus of my personal tutoring.
We'll work together to determine your qualification goals and set your objectives.

You'll receive the benefits of my 20 years of classroom teaching, plus without doubt the real-life industry experiences to enhance your learning.

We'll also work together to prepare you for your exams, with the best techniques to help you achieve.

Not only will this be an educational experience, you'll enjoy the lessons, with a sense of satisfaction.

Here's to 'HAPPY LEARNING' and the fulfillment of self-achievement at the end - with my help of course.

Tutor Experience

My teaching career started in 1990 and I became a full-time lecturer in 1992.
This all amounts to more than 20 years of teaching experience in the classroom. My other years were spent gaining greater knowledge and experience, working in the industry.

During the covid-19 environment, I changed my focus from the classroom, to specialise in online tutoring. I now have the resources for a successful online educational experience.

There are excellent online teaching resources, mainly in the form of PowerPoint presentations, case studies, short videos, past Edexcel exam papers with examiners reports and plenty of references to the business world.

However, you mustn't forget my real-life industry work experience, in-between my teaching jobs. My industry knowledge can complement the lessons and enhance your learning experience.

Like some tutors, I don't claim to teach up to 10 GCSEs or A-Levels or more! I specialise in two subjects - Business Studies and Travel & Tourism. I'm also not a qualified English, Maths or Languages teacher who says that I'm able to teach Business Studies or Travel and Tourism. This gives you greater confidence, to know that you are getting a specialist.

BTEC (Travel and Tourism) and Edexcel (Business Studies) are my specialist areas, which enables me to provide you with excellent support, guidance and tuition relating to these subjects and awarding bodies.

With confidence, you can join me on a teaching and learning journey that will be enjoyable and bring success. Let's go for it!

Topic Expertise

Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector; The Business of Travel and Tourism; The UK as a Destination, Customer Service in Travel and Tourism; Marketing Travel and Tourism Products and Services; Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism; European Destinations, Long-haul Travel Destinations; Retail Travel Operations, Business Travel Operations; Investigating the Cruise Industry; Responsible Tourism; Tour Operations, Specialist Tourism; Working as a Holiday Representative; Passenger Transport for Travel and Tourism; Events, Conferences and Exhibitions; Tourism in Rural Areas; UK Visitor Attractions.

Meeting customer needs; The market; Marketing mix and strategy; Managing people; Entrepreneurs and leaders; Planning a business and raising finance; Financial planning; Managing finance; Resource management; External influences; Business objectives and strategy; Business growth; Decision-making techniques; Influences on business decisions; Assessing competitiveness; Managing change; Globalisation; Global markets and business expansion; Global marketing; Global industries and companies (multinational corporations).

Client Reviews

Good, gained a wider understanding on YED and distribution and feeling a lot more confident.

- Business Studies


I had Tim as my teacher for one year, and over that year I learned a lot. The good thing about Tim is that he was always very positive, smiling and laughing with the students, which made me feel more comfortable in his classes.
During the lockdown in Spain, we had online classes, and everyday he was trying his best to motivate us, which I think helped a lot.
Isabel Stadheim (Benalmadena International College)

Tim has always been a great help when teaching Business Studies at my school. He would always make great summaries of the key points allowing me and fellow classmates to better understand the main topics. Tim has always been patient with students and extremely dedicated on the job, aiming to achieve the best grades for everyone.
Joep Koehof (Benalmadena International College)

Tim is a good teacher and he pays a lot of attention to the student. He has a lot of life experience in business field and can explain everything with some simple examples. I really enjoyed the lessons with him as my A-levels teacher.
Viktoriia Stanieva (Benalmadena International College)

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BA (Hons) degree in Travel and Tourism
Certificate in Marketing Part 1 (Institute of Marketing)

Certificate in Education: Post 16 Education
City & Guilds 7307 Teaching Certificate
BTEC Assessors Award D32 / D33