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Queen Mary University of London - PhD - Mathematics

I am currently a third year PhD student at Queen Mary University of London in the Mathematics department with my research primarily focused on high dimensional random geometric objects. Prior to my PhD I completed an MMath at the University of Warwick. An expert in mathematics and statistics at all levels with a good chunk of knowledge in programming.

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About Me

Current PhD student at Queen Mary University of London working on random simplicial complexes, applied topology and various other discrete geometry. An expert in mathematics and statistics with four publications combining probability, combinatorics and high dimensional geometry: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lewis_Mead.

Tutor Experience

A tutor who primarily focuses on understanding the 'why' of problems and content rather than rote learning material.

During my undergraduate in Warwick I gained ample teaching experience, leading two groups of five first year students for over 80 hours in helping with assignments and consolidation of class material.

Since starting at Queen Mary I have gained further experience in delivering undergraduate material to large classes, delivering a variety of outreach lectures to secondary school students introducing them to basic topology and random graphs, as well as delivering a range one-to-one tuition sessions from GCSE to A Level up to early undergraduate for a total of more than 50 hours.

I also have experience teaching younger students (7-14) the basics of programming in Python as a CodeToday tutor, where I taught real programming in a very hands on problem solving style.

Topic Expertise

Expertise in Mathematics and Statistics from GCSE up to late undergraduate. Programming (Python, R) and computer science from GCSE (all exam boards), A-Level (all exams boards) up to early undergraduate.

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Current PhD student - Queen Mary University of London

Master of Mathematics - University of Warwick - 1st class (84%)

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