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Marketing PhD

Economics Assistant Professor very passionate about how everything works.

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Transilvania University of Brasov - Marketing - PhD

Economics Assistant Professor very passionate about how everything works.

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About Me

I'm an Economics Assistant Professor at Transilvania University in Brasov, Romania. Got a PhD in Marketing, a MSc in Economics at St. Andrews University in UK. I consider myself an world citizen, concerned about how everything works. I read a lot of history and politics to keep track of all the changes in the world and understand how the world (and economics) work. I watch documentaries and listen to podcasts on these subjects.

Tutor Experience

I have taught Marketing research, Econometrics, Statistics and Consumer Behaviour to graduate (2nd and 3rd year) and postgraduate students for 9 years in the Faculty of Economics. I have supervised between 10 and 15 graduate and postgraduate dissertations per year over this period.
Beside my assistant professor I have tutored one-to-one students from 1st year students at King’s College in London to PhD students in China. I also tutored small groups up to five students at once. I have studied in the UK so I’m familiar with the International curricula in Statistics and Econometrics.

Topic Expertise

I teach first year Statistics (mean, median, mode, time series, normal distribution, correlation), second year Econometrics (Regression, Least Squares, Colinearity, Skedasticity, Correlations of residuals, log regression), Marketing research (survey design, methodology, sampling methods, data base design, univariate analysis, bivariate analysis (crosstabs), Student tests, Chi square tests, Normality test, ANOVA, correlation coefficients)
I teach all these subjects with data analysis software: SPSS, Eviews, Excel, JASP from basic level to PhD level

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Assistant Professor since 2012 at Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
PhD in Marketing in 2011 from Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
MSc in International Strategies and Economics from St. Andrews University, St. Andrews, UK