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London School of Economics and Political Science - Economics - MSc

Dickson puts strong emphasis on building rapport with his students to foster mutual trust and in understanding what their best learning styles are. His proven teaching ethos has helped students gain self-confidence and independence through academic progress and guided discovery to problem solving. He is a strong believer in working closely with parents to ensure all his learners remain motivated and meet weekly objectives.

Recent Students: 47 Total Hours: 888 Last Online: 09 Jun 2023
All-time Students: 57 Total Classes: 849 Signed Up: 27 Apr 2022

About Me

Dickson is multi-lingual (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) and is experienced in different curricula and ages. His teaching ethos is to go the extra mile to ensure his students receive the best possible tutoring experience and helps them thrive for academic excellence. In his spare time, he plays and coaches football.

Tutor Experience

Entrance Test Experience:
• 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, 16+ exams for competitive school entrance.
• CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning, Spatial Awareness, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning.
• ISEB & UKiset Maths, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning

School Subject Experience:
I tutor students of different ages, abilities and languages. Specialised in getting students to secure places at top independent and grammar schools, as well as top G5 / Russell Group / Ivy League universities.
• Economics,
• Maths & Further Maths
• Chinese

University Entrance Experience:
Successfully worked with students from or gained entry to Oxbridge, the LSE, Imperial and other G5 / Russell Group Universities

SEN Experience:
I have tutored learners with SEN such as ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome etc.

Exam boards:
Highly experienced with Edexcel, OCR, AQA, CIE/CAIE

Successfully worked with students from or gained entry to Wycombe Abbey ~ Dulwich College ~ King’s School Wimbledon ~ St Pauls College ~ Oundle School ~ Abington School ~ Kings ~ University of Cambridge ~ University of Oxford ~ London School of Economics ~ Imperial College London ~ University of Edinburgh

Topic Expertise

Speciality Subjects:

Maths & Further Maths
KS1-3, 11+, 13+, GCSE/IGCSE, A-level


Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (CAT and ISEB common pre-test)
7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, 16+

General, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level

Client Reviews

Brilliant tutor, really great at helping me understand things.

- Common Entrance

Excellent. Dickson prepared Brilliantly for the lesson and covered key topics which allowed me to clear an A* by 8% in my AS mock exam. Thorough and clear explanations of the mathematical topics that I found harder to understand.

- Economics

Fantastic teacher. my daughter learned a lot in a short time. she has progressed enormously in CAT and Dickson even taught her the art of the interview. very very helpful teacher.


fantastic teacher. CAT and interview admission


Very familiar with the mark scheme and essay-writing skills. Also very patient in answering questions.

- Economics

Got an insight into how to improve my essays, which I struggle a lot with

- Economics

Very helpful and makes things easy to understand. Thank you!

- Further Mathematics

Excellent knowledge of CAT4 and great pedagogy !


Really poor experience. You send reminders but don’t allow time in advance to get ready for the session. Your browser based tool was not compatible with Micotosft’s Edge. We then moved upstairs to a Mac to discover it doesn’t work with Safari and yet more than 1 billion people on the planet use it? No ability to test the service in advance (despite your claim that you could in your help. The only option we had was to open classroom which was not triggered until the tutor came online. We wasted 15 minutes of the session just trying to be able to communicate with the tutor. Despite this being an assessment session we received no clear next steps or recommendations from the tutor of a programme. A waste of £95.

- Common Entrance

Very thorough essay discussion

- Economics


Mahnoor, 16+ (King's School College) - "An incredible tutor! Dickson ensured I grasped every single concept fully and made me really think about how I obtained all my answers. I started out as a feeble mathematician and within the space of a few months Dickson has transformed me into a critical thinker. Without his help, I would not have been able to secure an admission into the 6th form at King's College School Wimbledon. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to hone their potential and skillset to the fullest!" Mrs Leung, 11+ & 13 (successful entry into 1st choice middle school) - “Dickson’s tutoring transformed my daughter’s learning experience. She used to struggle with learning and was unable to sit still for long to do her homework. In a short space of time, she went from disliking school to looking forward to it, and her willingness and curiosity to learn became better too. Her teacher said she is now trying harder at school and is more engaged in classes. Dickson is very good with my child and she enjoys the lessons with him. Dickson is an excellent tutor and a very kind and patient person. We were lucky to have him and wholeheartedly recommend him to any parent.” Seb, Economics (A*) - "I was unsure at the prospect of tutoring at first, but luckily Dickson is a fantastic teacher, who is easy to relate to and was quickly able to put me at ease. Dickson does his homework; he brings excellent resources to support our lessons, including great visual aids, PowerPoints and practice questions. He is extremely knowledgeable across a range of topics and reinforces this with real-world examples to make learning more applicable to wider circumstances, which helps me to learn. Dickson is friendly & approachable, and he makes it very easy to ask him questions, for which I’ll always receive a good answer. He makes me feel inspired to succeed in Economics and is helping me develop a real passion for the subject." Filippa, Economics (A*) - "Dickson quickly assessed my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses in economics. He then quickly put into place sessions to assist her with her specific weak spots (question answering techniques and understanding of specific economic topics). This increased her confidence and as a result she has achieved an A* in economics. He was always professional and reliable, he kept all tutoring sessions as planned. I would highly recommend Dickson!" Jack, Economics (A*) - "I started year 13 with my grades constantly low, and my understanding of the subject in most areas was thin. Within a few months of lessons there was an immediate impact on my understanding of the subject, and subsequently my grades, which improved to regularly achieving A's and B's in class. These improvements are thanks to Dickson’s distinct approach to teaching which I could not find in the classroom, where if there was a topic area which I had difficulty understanding Dickson would explain it to me in a coherent way as well as show how it links with other topics within the Economics A-Level. These methods of teaching had a highly positive impact on my knowledge of economics which is reflected in my final A-Level exams where I achieved an A* in Economics and got into my first choice University. Dickson’s lessons not only helped me achieved my grades but also helped me enjoy learning the subject more." Alan, Economics (Grade U ===> Grade A) - "During the first test of my A-level, I only got a U for my test. However, with the persistent effort and right way of teaching from Mr Dickson, I began to improve my grade. At the end of the year, my grade has gone up to an A. Thank you so much sir!" Hayden, Maths / Further Maths (A*A*) - "Dickson tutored me for two months before my A-Level exams in Maths and Further Maths. Through his effective, hands-on teaching style and his enthusiasm, he helped transform me from a struggling student to a more than able mathematician. Dickson was always available both in and out of lesson time to resolve any queries I had, and was willing to give up his time to explain hard-to-grasp concepts and difficult questions. His experience in teaching and his ability in problem solving was especially evident! I owe a great deal of my success and great results to Dickson, and would wholly recommend him as a teacher and a friend to all." James, Maths / Further Maths (A*A) - "Throughout my time studying with him, Dickson was helpful, professional and knowledgeable. He would answer any questions I had clearly and in a straightforward way and was always very prepared for our lessons. He was very clear when explaining topics I was not comfortable with. I would, without hesitation, recommend Dickson’s tutoring services." Becca, Maths (Bottom Set ===> Top Marks in Top Set) - "Dickson is an absolute legend! My son was seriously struggling with his Maths and his confidence in exams and tests plummeted hugely until Dickson came on the scene and waved his magic wand! Dickson slowly and methodically went through all the areas that my son was struggling with and after only 6 lessons he suddenly shot up from bottom of his set to top of his set and excelled in his end of year exams! An utter triumph all round and furthermore Maths has now become one of his favourite subjects! I couldn’t recommend Dickson more highly and worth every penny! Thank you Dickson!" Anson, English - “I have studied English with Dickson for around 3 months. Dickson is a very patient teacher and has a very nice accent. He always makes the lessons very interesting and applicable to my line of work, for example he will choose some good movies and animations and use them to teach me some common English phrases. In a nutshell Dickson has improved my English in these 3 months and I would recommend him as a tutor.”

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