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A highly experienced, motivate tertiary educator/lecturer/professor - committed to providing an effective first-class learning experience.

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University of London - Zoology - PhD

A highly experienced, motivate tertiary educator/lecturer/professor - committed to providing an effective first-class learning experience.

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About Me

Professor Halls was a pioneer in the development and adoption of e-learning within the United Nations Environment Programme. He was also team leader for UNEP’s Strategy for Environmental Education and Training ( that was designed to support the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2004 – 2014).

As an Academic Professor Halls has developed and delivered undergraduate and postgraduate courses and has provided leadership to and been actively engaged in the senior/executive management and administration of the universities he has worked for. Recently he has been involved in the implementation and review of University strategic plans and institutional accreditation.

His passion is the role of education and personal development.

Tutor Experience

Professor Steve Halls is an Engineer and Biologist by training and has been an Environmental and Sustainability Professor, Researcher and Consultant for the past 30+ years.

Specific Courses Taught
• Postgraduate Research Seminar Course, University of Texas
• Experimental Design and Data Analysis - University of Texa
• Environmental Law - Coventry University
• Environmental Policy - Coventry University
• Waste Management - University of Luton
• Cost-Benefit Analysis - University of Bath
• Life Cycle Analysis - University of Bath
• Business and the Environment – Murdoch University

• Human Biology - University of Oxford
• Entomology [Sensory Physiology/Neurobiology module] - University of Oxford
• Cell Biology - University of Oxford
• Introduction to the Biological Sciences [Cell Biology and Ecology modules] - University of Texas
• Biostatistics - University of Texas
• Population Ecology - Middlesex University
• Community Ecology & Ecosystems - Middlesex University
• Ecology I - Middlesex University [Formerly Middlesex Polytechnic]
• Ecology II - Middlesex University [Formerly Middlesex Polytechnic]
• Foundations of Biological Science (Cell Biology module) - Middlesex University
• Tutorial Subjects - Cell and Molecular Biology, Entomology, Ecology and Evolution
• Environmental Biotechnology
• Environmental Systems - Coventry University
• Environmental Biology - Coventry University
• Environmental Engineering - Coventry University
• Soil Management - University of Luton
• Ecotoxicology - University of Luton

Subjects willing to Teach
• Environmental Systems
• Environmental Biology
• Environmental and Ecological Systems
• Environmental Biotechnology
• Bio-diversity and genetics
• Information, Energy and Ecosystems
• Ecological Thinking and Perceptual Change
• Ecological/Evolutionary Management
• Population Ecology
• Community Ecology & Ecosystems
• Foundations of Biological Science
• Cell Biology
• Climate Change: Challenges and opportunities
• Principles of Environmental Economics
• Environmental Policy & Regulation
• Environmental Management Strategies
• Environmental Assessment & Environmental Risk
• Corporate Environmental Strategy and Tactical Management
• Industrial Ecology, Symbiosis and Resource Recovery
• Waste Management and Waste Minimization
• Life - Cycle Analysis
• Research Methods, Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design

Topic Expertise

Zoology, Biology, Ecology, Population Biology, Entomology, Mammalogy, Physiology, Neuroscience

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