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Professional History and Essay Writing Tutor, 10+yrs experience, BA History from Oxford, Proven results

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University of Oxford - BA History - Double First

Professional History and Essay Writing Tutor, 10+yrs experience, BA History from Oxford, Proven results

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About Me

Added extra! I bring a creative approach to my teaching and I have an MA in Art.

Tutor Experience

Professional History tutor with over a decade of experience and Double First in BA History from Oxford. Effective and friendly tuition with proven results.

Do you want to avoid wasting your time with someone who has taken up tutoring to get some extra pocket money? I am a professional tutor who offers an excellent value, top-quality service.

My tried and tested approach to tuition:

• Systematic coverage of the syllabus and the skills that you need to succeed in the exams.

• Thoroughly prepared lessons tailored to your specific needs and learning style.

• Fun and down-to-earth style of teaching.

• Supportive and patient while believing in your ability to achieve your targets.

My experience:

12+ years tutoring experience at a top London agency, with students at top schools including the Harrodian and St Pauls. I have also taught in China, the USA and Japan.
Completed teacher training courses (Keystone Tutors, The Royal Drawing School, and Oxbridge Summer Camps Abroad)

I have a proven track record in tutoring History and writing skills.

I have helped high-flying students comfortably secure those top grades, using my Oxford Double First History degree experience.

I am especially proud of my record in helping struggling students to really turn things around, hugely boosting their confidence and translating that into exam grades that exceed expectations, going up one, two, or even three grade boundaries.

Are writing skills holding you back?
I love to help students get their ideas onto paper. In fact I used to find essay writing difficult in school myself. But I taught myself how to do it well enough to excel in a History degree at Oxford and I even won an award for my dissertation! I know from experience that I can teach these skills to others.

Topic Expertise

AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE, Pre-U

LNAT, HAT, Applications

Client Reviews

Great session!

- Essay

Great session! Very helpful!

- Essay

Claire was so helpful! She showed me how to make my essay analytical enough while including enough detail! I found it especially helpful when she showed an example of what a good point in a historical essay would look like and that really helped me comprehend what I need to do in my essays. Thank you very much!

- History

Claire's feedback has been extremely useful. She has really helped me streamline my essay and pick up on the most important factors. I am very grateful for the fact that she could make the time to help me improve my essay.

- History


I highly recommend Claire. She gave my daughter the support she needed to regain confidence and motivation. She helped her acquire a set of skills that has proved extremely successful. Thanks to Claire, her grades in A level History are better than ever.


Claire is tutoring my son in `A` Level history. His feedback following each lesson is always extremely positive. He tells me she is always fully prepared with material in advance of the lesson and has the text book ready to refer to in case of need. She is very knowledgeable in the subject and what he finds particularly useful is the way she extends his knowledge by getting him to look at the material in new ways. This he hopes will help him to achieve the highest grade in the exam.


Claire is an incredible tutor! After having 2 crash course lessons with her before my GCSE Mock, my results have improved significantly! She is super friendly and professional. She always prepares notes and video links for the lessons to expand my knowledge on the topics we study and her passion for history never fails to inspire me. Thank you so much, Claire!


Claire is such an amazing tutor! She's very reliable, knows her history content inside out and comes to every lesson fully prepared with resources. She was incredibly helpful in tutoring me for my IGCSE, helping me to achieve an A*. Thank you very much, Claire! :)


I really loved learning History with Claire- her hands-on approach and efficiency in planning the lessons have really allowed me to tackle my weaknesses and now I feel much more secure in my knowledge and approach to the exam. Would highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance for History!


Claire was the first Tutor we had from this site for my 15 year old son. After the first lesson he had with Claire for History, my son said it was really good and could he have some more. From a boy who thinks homework is a form of torture this is praise indeed! Claire is now teaching him English as well as History and they are getting on really well. If Claire can make my son enjoy these two least favourite subjects, then she must be a fantastic tutor.


Fantastic tutor! Claire taught me A-level Russian history last year and I am so happy she did. Claire's lessons broke down hard topics, like political theory, into logical and concise chunks of information that were easier to understand than the textbook! Come exam time, her help with exam-writing skills and essay structure moved me up a grade, which I couldn't have done without her. Thank you Claire!


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PGDip (MA level) Art, The Royal Drawing School

BA History, The University of Oxford (Double First)

A-Levels: History (A), Psychology (A), Mathematics (A), Art (A)

AS-Levels: Further Mathematics (A)

GCSEs: 10 subjects at A*, one at A