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Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK - Diploma in Actuarial Techniques - Professional

Best Actuarial Online Tutor | Actuarial Science Coaching | CM1 Coaching | CT1, CT5, CT8 Coaching.

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About Me

I am a Career Ambassador of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK, educationalist and a visionary in the field of Actuarial Science. I love teaching and guiding actuarial students.
I have passed 9 actuarial exams of Actuarial Science from the IFoA, namely:
CT1- Financial Mathematics
CT2- Finance and Financial Reporting
CT3- Probability and Mathematical Statistics
CT4- Models
CT5- Contingencies
CT6- Statistical Methods
CT7- Business Economics
CT8- Financial Economics
CT9- Business Awareness
waiver equivalent of Exam P, Exam FM, VEE Accounting and Finance, Exam LTAM – Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics, Exams STAM, SRM, and VEE Mathematical Statistics, Exam IFM – Investment and Financial Markets of Society Of Actuaries (SOA).

My prior experience as a Sr. Actuarial Analyst in the industry also allows me to offer real-world examples to my students, to broaden their understanding of actuarial concepts. I also help students to plan their study in a manner that increases their chance of clearing exams while ensuring that they understand and effectively retain core concepts.

I started studying towards actuarial exams at a time when help was scarce and few people knew about the qualification. My own hard work and determination allowed me to clear exams but I felt a sincere need to help those who needed support with their study. Hence I started teaching and having accumulated much teaching experience over time, I became a career ambassador of the “Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK”.

Tutor Experience

I worked as a Senior Actuarial Analyst in World's best Pension Valuation company, Mercer.
I am also the founder of S-CUBE Tutorials which is the leading Actuarial education provider in Kolkata and have a teaching experience of more than 7 years in teaching Actuarial Subjects, and taught more than 2000+ students. My students have a success rate of 90%+.
I teach SOA Exam FM, SOA Exam MLC, IFoA Exam CT1, CT5 & CT8, and CM1. I offer useful tricks and tips to help my students study more efficiently. Over time I have developed a number of simplifying techniques to help students understand and retain key concepts. Given that Financial Mathematics concepts help problem solving and application in later modules as well, such guidance is essential. I offer personal attention to all my students and ensure that students receive the support they need and have all their doubts cleared in time.

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